Thursday, April 30, 2009

What there was a Video!!!

It's funny how you can discover random stuff. I was just dropping my Couzin IZ's blog and one of his posts had a link to a video which was of OK! Magazines 3rd Anniversay. I was like what they had a video? not only one version but 2!

Apparently Version 1 they were asking the red-carpteers* who was there favorite super-hero and Version 2 with them asking who is there favorite villan.

Well anyways watch the video and you can see me being a red-carpeteer* along with Aush who just started doing news and traffic. I think it was his third or fourth day of work, so basically he was still wet behind the ears. You can really tell!

*Red-carpeteer -

  1. An individual who walks down the red carpet of an event. But does not include Photographers.

  2. A word created by Moe Nasrul.

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