Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cyber Nip and Tuck 1

I've been getting a lot of comments that it's no longer collecting cyber cobwebs, and that my blog now have major interesting content. My blog content before was never properly edited, photos were fugly, the blog seemed directionless and was never tied to myself and what i aspire to be.

For the past three weeks (close to a month now), my blog had undergone major nip and tuck, complete overhaul, and kick-ass revamp procedures.

I have improved my blog's look, style, and content tremendously. From only 6 followers, i see the increase to 16.

The loyal six. Me included :)

Guessed who breathed new life into it? Lol. Thanks Emily and Martin. I have my web content editors who does my proofreading (basically before i post up my blog, Emily will proof read it first. Well, she is a technical writer by profession).

If you find yourself hooked to my blog, here must be the top 10 reason why:

1. Daily Updates
It could be about my day in the studio, events, or plain facebook shoutbox screen shots.

Moe Nasrul in the studio

Facebook Shoutbox

2. Pleasing and professional photo collage
Well, some are from Aush's SLR but most of it are from my K810i.

Photo Collage

3. Weekly Font, Layout, and Header Change

Week 2

Week 3

4. Interactivity: Audio Player and Poll
Featuring my best radio works and polls to get reader's feedback.

Press Play

U Think?

5. Widgets: Recent Comments, Twitter, Connect With Me

Recent Comments. I won't missed a single comments even on my old posts.

Traffic Report on my Twitter page exclusively on honkforupdates.

My recent twitter updates, so that you can know what I'm doing when I'm not blogging.

6. Follower of the Week
My weekly (Wednesday) post, tribute to my friends and readers who signed up as my blog's follower. Note: You need to register yourself as a follower FIRST. Just click on the Follow button on the right pane of the blog.

7. Flash Banner

8. New Stuffs Every Week

First week: Layout change and daily updates
Second week:Follower of the week, flash banner, photo collage
Third week: Twitter, Twitter Updates, Facebook, Fly FM, and Twitter buttons
New This Week: Vote Button, Cleo Header, survey poll, Vblog

9. Proper Labels
By clicking on my labels, you will get to see what are the categories stored under it and be able to see the flow or chain of events. For example, if you click on the Earth Hour label, you will see the posts leading up to the Earth Hour campaign.

10. I'm an Attention Whore
I'll do anything for people to come for a visit :)


LoNeRaNgerSpEaK said...


event if ur blog not upgrading for wat u have will b reading ur blog anyway...hohoho..

Moe Nasrul said...

Owh that's so sweet of you Ecahz :)
I'm touched...