Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Contest

About the contest:

I was cleaning my room, and i found five CDs that i have at least a duplicate of. So in celebration of Halloween, I am holding the first ever giveaway contest at Moe Nasrul. Simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post to enter to win original albums of the following artistes:

1. Will.I.Am -- Songs About Girls
2. Jordin Sparks -- Jordin Sparks
3. Paris Hilton -- Paris Hilton
4. Santana -- Ultimate Santana
5. JET -- Shine On

Contest Rules and How to Enter:

Drop me and email at . In your email, please include a method by which to contact you if you are the winner. Contest is open to Malaysian residents only. Contest begins in October 31st 2009, and ends in November 27th, 2009. At this time I will place each contestant's name on a slip of paper and draw five random winner. Happy Halloween!!!!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Suggestion Post/Box for 8tv Nite Live. Week Commencing 25 October

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone that has been leaving suggestions as well as sharing your opinions about 8tv Nite Live.

I would like to apologize to everyone that had requested videos at but have not had their videos played and I would like to take the time to explain that videos are usually played based on the number of requests. The more requests, the higher the chances the videos are played.

However I realize that this maybe frustrating to some. Changes are going to be made to the show based on overwhelming support that we have gotten from you. we are soon to make the show more interactive where you actually get to control the content of the show, which we've experimenting with through the polls we've been running on the show.

And yes yesterday Paul Moss (8tv Nite Live is his brainchild) Mike Campton, Pin Joo (our producer), Adelina Ooi (the person who signs all our checks and makes the show happen), and I have discussed ways to make the show better (like the possibility of bigger screens and a different layout). However these changes may take sometime.

As the changes will happen but are not present right now I've decided to use the most wonderful of technologies, my blog to take in your suggestions so I could start campaigning for what you want on the show :D

So here is what you can do. Drop your suggestions in the comments area of this post (which would be best cause I can cut and paste it to send in an e-mail to everyone that have the authority to make a change on the show). I will post a suggestion box from now on at the beginning of every week for every coming show of that week.

Everything from music videos, to the content of the show.

Most likely what I would do for the music videos is put it on the poll so that everyone has a chance to have a say before we air the video (to be fair to everyone).

I hope this would be a new beginning to allow everyone to have a say on what goes on in the show, not just the people at the studios. Having you play a part in shaping the show is something i truly believe in and know that I am more than happy to campaign for what you want.

Till the next the post, cheers :D

Sincerely from your wacky 8TV Nite Live host,
Moe Nasrul

P.s. sorry if the post is a bit wordy just wanted to explain everything. That and tune to this coming Halloween episode Mike and I are going to do something never before done on Malaysian TV... So tune in to find out what it is :D

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wanna be a Viral Video Star?

If you take interest in popular culture, you would notice that gone were the days where singers and artistes were discovered by Artiste and Repertoire Managers (A&R) of recording labels. The path to superstardom was made easier with the emergence of reality tv-based singing competitions; where the contestants were given airtime to showcase their talents. Some managed to secure honours and acceptance in the music industry while others' career just got canned.

Now, the next approach to superstardom is to have online presence, by posting your clips through YouTube.

Marie Digby, arguably the most popular Youtube-born artiste.

Take for instant Marie Digby (pronounce as Mar-ee-ay Digby). According to her fansite, she is just the most talented(?) singer, songwriter and musician performing on the Internet today. Marie's video cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella" has been viewed at a pace of 20,000 a day.

Marié's full name is Marié Christina Digby. She is of Japanese-Irish American ancestry. Marié lives in Los Angeles and was born in NYC. Marié won the Pantene Pro-Voice songwriting contest in 2004 with her heart felt autobiographical song "Miss Invisible".

I have to say that i admire the fact that she utilizes YouTube as her publicity tool to give herself major online presence.

By posting hit songs such as Rihanna's "Umbrella", Britney Spear's "Gimme More" and Jordin Spark's "No Air", she gained online traffic because viewers who searched for the artistes will stumbled across her posts as well.

Marie Digby created a new niche that all new aspiring musicians followed suit. It is not enough to just mount your webcam and sings infront of the PC anymore. You have to look good, put on some make up and post personalized announcements. A few examples of Youtube-born stars are American Savannah Outen, Londoner Mia Rose, and Dutch Esmee Denters.

Savannah Outen American singer who gained popularity on YouTube. Outen began posting videos of herself singing on YouTube in March 2007.

One of my favourite Youtube-born, breakthrough artiste. Esmee is a Dutch singer who regularly covers songs from Brandy, Mariah Carey, One Republic, Natasha Beddingfield, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake. In 2008, Timberlake himself discovered her talent and Denters signed up as the first artist under Timberlake's new label imprint Tennman in association with Interscope.

Mia Rose is an English-Portuguese singer discovered in YouTube. She quickly rose to the top of the most-viewed rankings and became the most-subscribed musician ever. With over 214,300 subscribers as of October 11, 2009, Mia Rose is in the all-time top 5 of subscribed musicians on YouTube.

Marie earned my respect as she branded herself by being first in her own-created category: YouTube-born Celebrity. Being the first in a new category is the most important essential in PR and branding.

And the next viral video stars are....

This Korean-born Australian HOT twins are steadfastly becoming the household name. Their video links were forwarded around the globe mostly via social networking Facebook. To date, they have over 200,000 views on this cover song "Officially Missing You" by Tamia.
Good harminizing and two gorgeous TWINS! What else not to love, right?

Those who hasn't check her out, please do. Thanks to Emilia for the video. She felt that in a personal way, she 'discovered' the twins. I bet all of her fans felt the same way too. I guessed it is safe to say that A&R execs and managers are the Netizens now.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Discovering Tsim Tsa Tsui's Salisbury Road

Striking a pose before starting exploring Hong Kong.

Day two of jalan-jalan Hong Kong take us to discover Salisbury Road on the East Tsim Tsa Tsui and taking the Star ferry ride across Victoria Harbour.

Overview of the Salisbury Road.

Salisbury Road is located by the waterfront at Tsim Tsa Tsui East. Seriously, the roads are really that clean :) You don't see any pedestrians because there is an extensive underground tunnel system for pedestrians to access the most popular destinations in Tsim Tsa Tsui.

We walked quite a portion of the Salisbury Road heading towards the Star ferry terminal. We walked pass the historical Peninsula Hotel, the ultra-luxurious five-star hotel that also houses luxurious designer brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Tiffany & Co. The classic facade is also similar to its sister hotel in Mid-town Manhattan, Fifth Avenue in New York.

Peninsula Hotel by day.

Peninsula Hotel by night.

Peninsula hotel--locally known as 'the Pen'-- is one of the most famous hotel in Asia. It was founded in 1928 by the hugely successful Kadoorie family from Bombay, but of the Baghdadi Jew descent. During British colonization of Hong Kong, the expatriate and caucasian foreigners would patronize this hotel to experience a taste of its opulence that reminds them of home.

The Pen also has a place in the World War II history. The Allied surrender document to the Japanese was signed here under candlelight by General Maltby and Sir Mark Young, the Governor of Hong Kong, on Christmas Day of 1941. Both were later confined here before taken to an internment camp in Shanghai.

These are interesting buildings we discovered strolling down Salisbury Road.

An interesting oval building that houses two luxury watch brands- Tudor and Rolex.

The Hong Kong Space Museum.

The Hong Kong Space Museum is located right adjacent to the Pen. It has a unique egg-shaped dome that is one of the famous landmarks of Hong Kong. We didn't go into the Museum but we read that there are two thematic exhibition halls: Hall of Space Science and Hall of Astronomy. Both are interactive where visitors can learn through a series of entertaining and educational exhibits. Think Petrosains!

Now it's off to the Star Ferry ride!~

See you guys in the next post!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Heart Break

We've all felt it before that sharp stab to the heart that we come to know as a heartbreak, but could we remember our very first? was it caused by our first crush? first love? first real relationship? whatever it maybe we know that it can make the toughest of men cry or at least whimper into a cold dark corner and not bath for days or months (such a pathetic sight if you ever seen it happen).

I had come across this video on YouTube thanks to Emily and Emilia who called me right after dinner to tell me about this video.

The video shows a young Japanese boy no older than maybe four or five years old trying to give a bouquet of flowers to a girl whom had just finished performing a piano piece. The girl ignores him causing the boy to be stunned for a few seconds and then suddenly break down and cry (as we tend to still do when we're adults). sigh... such pains of the heart.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Shopping and the Darker Side of Mong Kok

If your the type of person that loves shopping and getting new clothes, shoes, hats, electronics, etc and you happen to be in Hong Kong (or actually the Kowloon area) then drop by Mong Kok!

In terms of look and feel, Mong Kok is a mesh between Petaling Street in Malaysia and Times Square in New York.

There were like a million people shopping and buying as they walk along the Mong Kok area! These are photos of the "Petaling Street" area of Mong Kok.

Each streets in Mong Kok sells different things. Let me show you around:

Sai Yeung Choi Street-- The place where all things digital are concentrated at.

The ever popular "Loi Yan Kai" or Ladies' Market. Honest be told, if you are familiar with Batu Feringghi and Petaling Street, you can give this place a miss. It is full of designer knock-offs.

Fa Yuen Street or "The Sneaker Street"-- We're talking hundreds and hundreds of shop solely dedicated to selling sports shoes.

Arygle Street--A selection of food, clothes, and gadgets.

It's really cool how they use bamboo scaffolding when they construct or renovate their buildings which is pretty cool. However the creepy part is sometimes even when renovating, business still keeps on going like this hotel here. Talk about hardcore man!!

Can you see that business are still operating on the first and second floor?

According to the Guiness Book of Records, Mong Kok has the highest population density in the world (mean 130,000 per km2) and with a development multiple of four. That's why you can't afford to close your business even for a day, even when you are renovating your outlet.

This isn't Petaling Street, this is the Ladies Market.

Here I am trying to find new clothes in Mong Kok because I had purposely travelled to Hong Kong with an empty suitcase so that i could buy new clothes. crazy right?!! Sometimes you gotta throw caution to the wind I would say.

I have to be honest some of the more established Hong Kong Brands were not as cheap as some people had lead me to believe and actually didn't really differ all that much from prices here in Malaysia. What was unique was that you would have access to the latest line of clothing and accessories. Really good if you want to be ahead of the curve fashion wise.

If your ever in the Kowloon area stay at the Metropark Hotel Kowloon, they have a free shuttle to take you to all the major places and saves you more money to shop!!!

However on the darker side of things, when your strolling around Mong Kok be very careful. In two years, there were three acid acttacks where an unknown individual was dropping acid off the top of buildings. We were also at Mong Kok when the 6th September 2009 acid attack happened at 5 o'clock. We were very fortunate to have left Mong Kok at 3:20pm as we were on our way to Causeway Bay.

Apparently what happened was that a couple who had a bag store along the "Petaling Street" looking area had a an argument with their supplier and was splashed with acid. A few people around the couple had acid splashed on them as well. We had found out all of this on the late night news after we had returned to the hotel.

Pretty scary... they even have the full story on Wikipedia.

The notoriety of life in Mong Kok as portrayed in the 2004 Derek Yee's hit film "One Night in Mong Kok" is not a fallacy. The movie portrays Mong Kok, one of the most densely populated places on Earth, as a hotbed of illicit activity.

Shop safely, people. The things that you won't pull in Petaling Street-- like bargaining and walk away without buying, do not pull it in Mong Kok. Same rule of thumb applies.
You do not want to be the cause of another corrosive liquid attack, lemme tell ya that.

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Beyonce's Concert "Postponed"

First Rihanna (Blame Chris Brown. Ban Chris Brown!)...

Then it was Akon (at least he held on to his end of the bargain and will be performing this weekend)

And now Beyonce cancels. What a bummer.

P/S: Anybody holding on to their tickets? And is Rihanna performing in Malaysia still???

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Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" Dance Competition

Super Junior. Photo courtesy of Cuchufli.

Hey guys,

Just to reiterate that the Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry Dance" Competition is still running.

Teach two lousy dancers, myself and Mike, how to dance to this popular K-pop boy band awesome dance move.

The best video will be featured on 8TV Nite Live!!!

All you gotta do is record your dance of Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry", upload on Youtube, and email the link to us at the following three locations:


Meanwhile, here is a submission on Youtube for the competition by MissHealerzz. In the video, she teaches us how to do the Tutting in the music video.

I have to say, this is an awesome, easy-to-follow tuttin tutorial. You can't help but to follow her step-by-step approach to tutting. It's awesome!

Then we also had another video which was done really well by Progression

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Clowing Around Kowloon & The Avenue of Stars

Again...this is Emily writing in for Moe for all the Hong Kong entries :)I HEART HONG KONG!~~

Why did we choose Hong Kong for our first overseas destination?

It was because Moe and I absolutely have no idea where to go. My aunt told me that she had ALWAYS wanted to go to Hong Kong but all of her friends has already been there. Eventhough she yearns to go to Hong Kong, she didn't want to travel alone.

It was a wish of hers that has been kept for over 30 years.

"Why not we go with you?" I blurted out when we had a conversation in my kitchen.

It was a half-hearted promise. But my aunt really went all out organizing the vacation--from air tickets to accomodation for three.

I can't exactly back down now, can I? Plus, her wish is like older than me. It would be really mean of me to chalk this on up as an April Fool's joke.

So six months after that impromptu decision, here we are.

By now, we were ready to discover what Kowloon has to offer. I already know Hong Kong by heart even before we stepped our foot here. I read all blogs about Hong Kong, bought a guide book about Hong Kong and read it as though i had to take a test to be a tourist guide.

So it's only apt that i lead the troop.

Kowloon reminded me way too much of Petaling Street. So we took the shuttle bus provided by our (Metropoark Kowloon) hotel to Tsim Tsa Tsui (TST).

I wanted to go to The Avenue of Stars and snap a photo with the famed bronze statue of Bruce Lee. I want to see with my own eyes the Hong Kong's version of Hollywood Walk of Fame. I want to see the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island on the other side. I want to experience the Hong Kong I see through Jackie Chan's movie when i was little.

The first glimpse of Tsim Tsa Tsui....i can't wait to see the Hong Kong island from the Avenue of Stars.

After a fifteen minute shuttle bus ride, we arrived at the Avenue of Stars, TST. Moe and I were totally in awe with the larger than life skyscrapers of Hong Kong island.

So the first activity we did was to clown around at the Avenue of Stars and admiring the breathtaking scenary of Hong Kong island, with the Star Ferry (or Tin Seng Mah Tau in Cantonese :D) ferrying people back and forth from Kowloon peninsular to the Hong Kong island.

Hong Kong Island--where all the rich and famous resides. More on that later.

I love this shot of Moe. Too bad my camera is too old school.

It was a really hazy day. Not my camera's fault.

Say 'hello' to Mr. Lee. He is the most famous Chinese in the world.

I think Moe took too long to film this shot that the director and the camera man froze from boredom.


Orang Ipoh kita, Michelle Yeoh.

So this is how you test the boom mic....

First directorial debut of Moe Nasrul.

A little backgrounder about the Avenue of Stars, it is located at the Tsim Tsa Tsui Promenade, Salisbury Road and was officiated in 2004 to pay tribute to outstanding professionals of Hong Kong's film industry. It serves as a landmark for Hong Kong movies aficianados to visit. It is an appropriate gesture to model Hollywood's Walk of Fame since Hong Kong's greatest export is their movies, TV series, and music.

The Avenue of Stars is easily accessible via public transport. The easiest way is by MTR. Just get down at the Nathan Road station. You know you are at the right place when you see Renaissance Kowloon and the New World building.

Other places of interest to visit that is of walking distance are:

1. H.K Museum of Art
2. H.K Space Museum
3. H.K Cultural Centre
4. Peninsula Hotel
5. Star Ferry Pier

Click on the image to enlarge the map.

More on all this in the next update. For more information about the Avenue of Stars, refer to
Avenue of Stars website.

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