Sunday, March 30, 2008

MAC FAFI and the Prank call

The FAFI Collection

Me and JV

Eriko the Fafinette


Me and my cousin IZ

IZ and Emily

Me and the Priority PR Girls

Me doing my thang at the DJ Booth

FAFI by M.A.C, the spring 2008 collection

The tour is finally over. ended in Johor Bahru with the Campur chart goes live in Johor bahru's handle bar the now it's back to normal old life... but then again my life so far isn't exactly boring :D lots of material to write about...

first would be that recently i had MC-ed for a M.A.C event at midvalley megamall for their new collection known as the M.A.C F.A.F.I ... it as awesome during the launching cause my cousin the One in A Million season 2 contestant and my girl (his PR manager) Emily Ismail was there. ( Don't worry i'll upload pictures soon...after i make it into Jpeg...such a tedious task)... It was a blast and for the first time in a long time i had to DJ while MC-ing!!! Had to introduce three hot chicka-boom characters known as the Fafi-nettes... and hype up the crowd (like usual) as they watched the make-up demonstartion and get a make over themselves. Finally today it came to an end... i think emily and iz got more details on it... check it out at and ...

Another revelation came a few nights ago. I found out that a prank phone call that my old time friend Alfred had done, with me as the victim is on YouTube! ... thats right i was punked! in a way... really hilarious stuff... it was a nice blast from the past:D

Well tomorrows another day... now we go out on crosses (where we go to a location and party it up:D...) with the announcers! I think tomorrow Preme and Jules would be coming with the Fly Fm Myvi Troopers... alright lets rock and roll... :D

Thursday, March 20, 2008

...currently in Melaka

Me and the Fly Fm myvi troopers are currently stationed at... the legacy hotel. Pretty interesting so far. The hotel has a very victorian/British colonistic feel to it's desgin that makes you feel as if you had just been transported back to the colonial era.

Earlier me and the team had gone to this place on Jalan Bendehara, in front of Orkid hotel known as the Bulldog...A really good place to eat Melakan nyona food and the whole restaurant is decorated with antiques from a long forgotten yester-years of pre-independant malaysia. For example they have old news paper articles, an old bicycle hung over the cashier area, and even an old but very well presevered oven/stove (don't worry they don't use it to cook the food. They got a modern oven in the kitchen...) It really help set the mood and gives you a very nice family place vibe.

I'll get some pictures up so all you guys can check it out :D Til next time see yaz!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pictures from the Switchfoot concert

hey hey... finally got the pictures loaded on my computer from the switchfoot concert which happened on the 3rd of febuary... now i'm sharing with the world!!!!!! :D

Monday, March 10, 2008

Trooper Log one

Hi my Name is Moe Nasrul. I'm the captain Fly Fm Myvi Trooper. What i do is promote the radio station Fly fm. well i guess i got the obvious out of the way lol. Why am i writting this blog you might ask? it's basically simple i have a story to tell... i guess that is also blatantly obviou:D Things have gotten really interesting in my life since i had joined the Troopers. I finally get to do things i've always wanted to since...well ever. I got to see switchfoot live (an awesome rocking concerto man!) and travel around Malaysia...which is a really big deal since i've always planned to go on a road trip but never really got to it. Now it's my job to do so...

Currently i'm in a hotel room at the Sentosa Regency Hotel in Alor Star. The peopl here in the Kedah area are very friendly, nice and hospitable. Everyone from the pak cik who runs the 'gerai' (hawker/street food restaurant) to the security gaurds at Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort (who allowed us to park right at the entrance so it was really easy to get a big crowd for our cross) and to the people at the hotel. It feels really nice to feel welcomed especially in a place you've never been too before.

The travel here however was not so kind... well weather wise at least. There was constant heavy rain as we travelled to the Kedah area and it made it interesting when we reached the R and R areas when we need to make a stop of natures. But then again it's all part of the experience of a road trip so i can't exactly complain much about that.

The food here are some the most tasty and affordable ( in other words really really cheap). Definately good for someone under a tight budget.

I had a real blast checking into the hotel when asked by the nice young women if we had any bags and my team mate Viky mentioned that he only had one bag and i had this silent look of...erm i got like four... so okay i packed a whole lot of stuff... everything from this laptop that i'm writing on, to cloths, shoes, shampoo, tooth paste, and basically anything that i felt i could live without on tour... kinda know what rockstars feel like when they go on tour and pack a ton of things... amazing how much you depend on things like shampoo to make your hair not smell like a foot or the right toothpaste to keep your mouth fresh, or that extra pair of undies that keep you feeling smooth... ok ok to much info...

As the day ends, nothing beats just laying down on a nice bed and watch a couple of DVDs. thank god i brought my DVD player with me and a mountain full of DVDs that i have yet to watch.

Next stop after this would be Penang... I'm definately gonna gain a couple of serious Kilos from all the Penang food i'm gonna eat... Penang Food my only kryptonite :D

Til next time this Rock and Roll Moe Nasrul checking in and checking out only on... Super Dooper Trooper Tales