Thursday, March 20, 2008

...currently in Melaka

Me and the Fly Fm myvi troopers are currently stationed at... the legacy hotel. Pretty interesting so far. The hotel has a very victorian/British colonistic feel to it's desgin that makes you feel as if you had just been transported back to the colonial era.

Earlier me and the team had gone to this place on Jalan Bendehara, in front of Orkid hotel known as the Bulldog...A really good place to eat Melakan nyona food and the whole restaurant is decorated with antiques from a long forgotten yester-years of pre-independant malaysia. For example they have old news paper articles, an old bicycle hung over the cashier area, and even an old but very well presevered oven/stove (don't worry they don't use it to cook the food. They got a modern oven in the kitchen...) It really help set the mood and gives you a very nice family place vibe.

I'll get some pictures up so all you guys can check it out :D Til next time see yaz!

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