Sunday, March 30, 2008

MAC FAFI and the Prank call

The FAFI Collection

Me and JV

Eriko the Fafinette


Me and my cousin IZ

IZ and Emily

Me and the Priority PR Girls

Me doing my thang at the DJ Booth

FAFI by M.A.C, the spring 2008 collection

The tour is finally over. ended in Johor Bahru with the Campur chart goes live in Johor bahru's handle bar the now it's back to normal old life... but then again my life so far isn't exactly boring :D lots of material to write about...

first would be that recently i had MC-ed for a M.A.C event at midvalley megamall for their new collection known as the M.A.C F.A.F.I ... it as awesome during the launching cause my cousin the One in A Million season 2 contestant and my girl (his PR manager) Emily Ismail was there. ( Don't worry i'll upload pictures soon...after i make it into Jpeg...such a tedious task)... It was a blast and for the first time in a long time i had to DJ while MC-ing!!! Had to introduce three hot chicka-boom characters known as the Fafi-nettes... and hype up the crowd (like usual) as they watched the make-up demonstartion and get a make over themselves. Finally today it came to an end... i think emily and iz got more details on it... check it out at and ...

Another revelation came a few nights ago. I found out that a prank phone call that my old time friend Alfred had done, with me as the victim is on YouTube! ... thats right i was punked! in a way... really hilarious stuff... it was a nice blast from the past:D

Well tomorrows another day... now we go out on crosses (where we go to a location and party it up:D...) with the announcers! I think tomorrow Preme and Jules would be coming with the Fly Fm Myvi Troopers... alright lets rock and roll... :D

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