Saturday, April 12, 2008

Troopers series?

hey whats up ya'll :D Rocka and Roll Moe Nasrul here...

well currently me and the rest of the guys are curently working on a pilot video series that we are planning to put up on the internet (and if it flies off...on TV :D )

Basically the series revolves around the daily lives of the Fly Fm Myvi Troopers. Everything from the Team to the Bosses, to the Fly Fm Jocks and even the mysterious Paper bag boy who has been going around the studio and creating havoc amongst all that bare the Fly Fm logo!!!

Another personal project i've been working is putting together a band :D something to ease my creative musical side :D ... as i've found out that within fly fm itself there are many talented muscians and then suddenly it hit me... why not start a band!!! so more up dates soon... til then listen out for me Moe Nasrul a.k.a MOEJO ...

p.s. IT's MOEJO TIME!!!!

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