Monday, April 14, 2008

Just a few minutes ago i just came across one of those horiscope internet things that tells you your life path... or something like that. I decided to try it out and here is what i got...does it explain who i am? i'll leave it up to you guys to decide:D

As someone born when the Sun was in Capricorn, you lean toward a conservative approach to most matters and you possess a strong sense of duty. You are a hard worker and you will persist with a determined will toward a desired goal. You are capable of tremendous self discipline when necessary. The symbol for this sign is that of the mountain goat. This is most appropriate, as the mountain goat may climb the mountain slowly step by step, but will always eventually reach the top. This is an excellent analogy to describe the essence of the Capricorn principle.

Your cautious nature stems from an innate knowledge that impulsive actions may lead to mistakes that are more time consuming and costly in the long run. Capricorn is the sign of eventual success along with accepting responsibility. Many Capricorns find themselves in life situations whereby they must take responsibility for others in some way.

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