Monday, April 14, 2008

The photoshoot in Penang...

Hey hey whats up. currently i'm having a vacation in Penang... yes occasionally taking time off from work is a healthy thing (especailly after Collin, Alisha, and Emily advize that i take a break...if not i'd burn out...which almost happened...oh well):D I had chance to spend time with my significant other and love of my life Emily. On saturday we had a double date at a restaurant on Armenian street called Edelweiss with her colleges from work.I have to admit it really was a nice place and the last thing i expected was that the mother of my friend from my high school my days, Natasha, own's the place. So there was a brief catching up period which was really nice cause i hadn't seen her mom since...well... better half of a decade ago. wow time really flies!

So the next day Emily had arranged a photoshoot for me with an aspiring photographer known as Wan Norashidi. The guy is really good at what he does and had suggested to use old colonial buildings as a back drop for my profile photos. So on Sunday there was alot of posing and jumping and all the usual stuff that comes with doing a photoshoot. Plus the day before (before the double date at Edelweiss)I had decided to get my hair good by my trademark long hair and hello chris angel-esque hair (his more recent one)... i even had subtle red highlights to make the hair-do alot more interesting... so look out for my new look:D

In a few hours i will be heading back to KL and back to hitting the roads trooper style:D hope to see all of you guys again...

P.s. here are some pictures from the photoshoot...although they haven't been photoshoped yet but i still love em :D

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