Friday, May 29, 2009

The movie trailer voice...

Photo Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal collection

My movie trailer voice is really catching on! Kind funny that i originally did it as a joke.

I guess the joke is on me because now I'm doing so many VO's using the movie trailer voice! I just finished one at Incognito, a studio in Damansara Kim area for Transformer's sms contest.

Maybe one day I'll be doing a real movie trailer...coming soon

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Home Studio.

Last week, I had put togther a small home studio for me to Podcast and record ideas for songs that I have stuck in my ( way better than renting a professional studio and paying per hour in the long run). Eventually this little home studio will grow bit by bit and become a full fledge studio for me to toy around with and create audio master pieces! 

But in getting the equipment I had almost little no experties in where should i go for the best price or what would i need. Thanks to Simon Lee from Fly Fm's engineering department he was kind enough to help me out in that department and he actually stopped me from wasting 1500++ on this (picture below)
Photo Courtesy of Behringer

Not to say the thing is bad, it's actually really good and is perfect for podcast but paying RM1500++ is way to over priced for the whole Podcasting Kit and i could get it way cheaper if i bought each individual item on its own. Not sure why tho...

So anyways I got Simon Lee by my side to buy what would be my Home Studio phase 1 but we had to get through one tough obstacle: the jam...

You see the place is near is called KC electronic or (was it KE electronics) on Jalan Pasar, where you could get really good deals on everything you need from mixers to effects pedals, to processors to full stage speakers and woofers. 

I was one happy camper. I quickly texted Emily and said " pinch me now I'm in heaven."

And finally I got all that i need... for now. heheehhehe :D

Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

Ray Cheong at Groove Junction

Former Celebriteen winner and a good friend of mine, Ray Cheong was performing at Groove Junction quite a while back. It was an awesome performance as Ray sounded like Malaysia's answer to John Mayer. 

Although unlike John Mayor he ain't no crazy rockstar but more like a Jason Mraz-eesk type character. Meaning nice to the  and no walking out of a club covered in lipstick.

Down to earth chilled and cool but minus the hat. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Had a Strange dream the other night... and there was Zombies!!!

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

The other night had  a dream that I was stuck in the Game Left4Dead. For those that don't know what Left4Dead is, it's a computer game where you control one of four characters in a city filled with zombies (or infected as there called in the game). The objective: Survive.

SO basically I was doing the whole running around and shooting. Never been so glad to wake up and see that it was all a dream. Makes me wonder would I survive in a Resident Evil or 28 Days later scenario? for thought.

Well anyways, have you ever had a weird dream like that?

Looking out into the City.

Photo Courtesy of MoeNasrul's Personal Profile
Sometimes it's the most peaceful thing in the world to sit on the rooftops and look out into the city.

Recently got a good view on top of Sunway Pyramid and seriously it really does have a tranquil effect... just don't look down.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miss Malaysia Universe 2008: Levy Li Su Lin

Photo Courtesty of LevyLi.blogspot
Muhahahaha She had to eat a wasabi sandwich!!!

The Fly Fm studio is always a buzzing when a hot girl walks in and it was no different when Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 Levy Li Su Lin walked in. Honestly she did strick me off gaurd cause honeslty she looked like a Elf from Lord of the Rings and i mean that in a good way complete with Aura and everything. Minus little scurrying hobbits.

I was slightly pleased to find out that she was like 5ft 7in, which is my height (so i don't feel inadequete as a dude) and all round she is a very down to earth character. Almost like the girl next door but way hotter and a Miss Malaysia Universe winner.

In true Fly Fm Pagi show fashion we made her do things for the sake of radio like Eat a Wasabi sandwich. *sigh* I love working in Radio.
Phat Fabes, Ben and Levy
Phat Fabes and Levy 
Amrita and Levy
Levy and I

The Wasabi Sandwich!!
Photo Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fly Fm's Hafiz's Dirty Little Secret!!!

Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

That is right all of us at the studio found out Hafiz's Dirty Little Secret! He loves watching Gossip Girl. OK Honestly there really is nothing wrong with it but the manner in which we all found out about it made us all burst out laughing and teasing Hafiz like nobodies business.

Azreen One of the girls from sales popped by the studio and she asked us to pass something to Hafiz. Prem asked "So your lending him Gossip Girls huh?"

"Actually..." Azreen Replied " It's Hafiz's DVD and I'm returning it back to him."

All of us present in the Fly Fm Studio at the time all said "WHAT!" and we all burst into a fury of laughter and "Oh my god I can't believe it."

It was so funny Prem announced it on air as one of the things you should never say to a girl on a first date. It goes "Hey baby I love Gossip Girls XOXO"

That was a good laugh.

I feel like eating Prem's hair!

Photo Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

I'm not joking before he left for his trip to the UK, He recolored his hair pink and purple. For some stranger reason his hair color reminds me of cotton candy and Bubble Yum bubble gum (which is my all time favorite)!

It for some strange reason everytime i look at his hair it creates a rumble in my tumbly. I've mentioned this to Prem (me being the blunt individual i am) and he could say was "I'm honestly flattered macha

No way of pulling this guy down. I wonder how Jules is going to do Fly Fm's Rush Hour without Prem... she seems to be trying her best during today's show. Poor girl missing her partner in crime, like a little girl without a playmate.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moe Nasrul podcast?

That's right. Still waiting at the same location and i decided to post another one to ease the pain of waiting.

To happier topic. A few days ago, i had bought myself a home recording studio for me to record and upcoming podcast series. I'm going to interview my friends and colleague from the industry but i wanted your feedback on something. Who would you want to me interview and what would you like me ask him or her?

And mind you i will ask the question in my podcast.

Johnson's Baby Powder Jom Main! Family Day

Just finished emcee-ing an event at dataran petaling Jaya, for johnson's baby powder jom main! Family day. Now just waiting for my manager to pick me up as i lent my house mate my car.

My legs are aching and my voice is parched but it was all Good fun! There were performances by KLDC A.K.A kuala Lumpur drum corp. A drumming group just like the movie 'drumline'. There were martial arts demonstrations, lots of cute kids in the coloring competition.

Tomorrow is another busy day, as in the morning i'm going for a charity walk-a-thon at the same place, in support of creating awareness for osteoperosis. Hope i spelt that one right. Will blog more later. Smell ya later:)

Cyber Nip and Tuck 2

A week ago, i changed my web template. I know you like it :).

Fact is, i love it too!

I'm upgrading my blog into my full-fledged website. It's not impossible now really. You'd only have to invest your time tweaking your HTML, the layout, and study easy tutorials abundantly available online. So this is one of my side projects. Soon, you can download my profiles if you are a a prospective client. By this i meant if you are looking for a emcee, event host, etc. I'll also be adding more categories into my posts.

As for now, you'll notice the Add This and Save as PDF buttons.

With the Add This button, you can recommend my posts to other social networking website, or even to your own blog. For example, if you find my post incredibly useful, you can click the Add This button, and a pull-down option appears. From there, you can choose to add my post in Facebook, Twitter, and social network and bookmarking services. You can choose to email or print it too :)

These are some cool, interactive stuffs to make your stay on Moe Nasrul's blog more comfortable.

Let's hang out more often here, ok?

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Cineleisure Strictly Street Radio Ad

Photo courtesy of razuryza.

Hi guys,

I have not been uploading my radio ads for quite some time now. I record a lot of radio ads. Averaging about 3 to 5 a week. And i know i have not been constantly updating my blog. I have a few *secret* project running. But i'm about to unveil it soon. Very very soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Friday people!~ and here is my radio ad for Cineleisure Damansara's Strictly Street 2009 event that i did not long ago :)

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Couple runs away with $10 million Bank Error?!

Photo Courtesy of Google

Have you ever imagined opening your bank account and finding that there was a bank error in your favor? I guess something like that only exists in the game of Monopoly right? wrong!!

A couple from New Zealand it seems had ran away to China when $10 million had been mistakenly deposited into their bank account. The bank had manage to recover $4 million but the couple fled with the rest of the money.

Interpol is currently looking for the couple and Westpac bank (the unlucky bankers) is accusing the couple of committing fraud or theft. The mistake was the banks fault but do you think it's considered a crime to run away with money that already in your bank account?

Hmmm... does the term "Finders, Keepers" apply to this situation?

read the article

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kris Allen Wins American Idol Season 8

My personal favourite is and always has been Adam Lambert. But i think Kris Allen needs American Idol endorsement more to jump start his music career. Lambert is a super star who will be successful outside of American Idol, no matter what.

Did you hear Kris Allen's speech after he was announced the winner? He thinks that he does not deserve to win. WTF? Dude, you got so far!!! You did great!

Anyways, click here to read about the result show.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There are no Islamic Public Holiday in the USA?

Through Facebook an old family friend from when i was growing up in Hawaii had contacted me. He told that in the US there is poll going on in the local Hawaiian newspaper where they were asking if 24th September should be Islam Day. A day to recognize Muslim contributions to the world during their golden age and to acknowledge the religion that so many believe in.

I went on to the site to send in my vote and i was surprised when i saw this...

Photo courtesy of Star Bulletin

Just to let you know that in the USA there is a public holiday for Chinese New Year, various Christian and Jewish Holidays but none for Islam. I believe that all religions deserve a day to celebrated.

We Muslims here in Malaysia take for granted those little things because we are predominantly Muslim. When I was growing up there we never had any Public Holiday even for Adil-Fitri (Hari Raya) and the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday. Lets help our Muslim brothers and sisters living in the USA, and log on to vote.

It may not be much but at least we helped in some small way.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Memory Lane is the Fast Lane

It's funny how time passes by and it seems like yesterday when I was just the vocalist of the Band Six String Samurais and not a Fly Fm radio personality. This is my little trip back in time with pictures worth a thousand words.

I remember feeling really scared before this gig ( Yes at one point i didn't have the blazing crazy self-confidence i have today) because it was the first acoustic gig i had ever done with the band. Ever leapt into something head first and wondered "what the F*** am i doing?!!"... yup that was how i felt. I was young and Gung-ho.

Straight after our performance at Central market we took a picture with this kid who thought our band was really cool. I still remember how happy it felt that someone really looked up to us.

I wish to revive that old feeling again of rocking on stage and feeling that static on your lips from the Mic. Plus screaming my lungs out til i loose my voice... ah sweet memories.

Can't you tell at one point i was so devilish and evil!!! Rock on!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Manchester United yet again...

Photo courtesy of

Tonight was the Manchester United's English Premier League title match against Arsenal at Old Trafford. It ended in a 0-0 draw but with Manchester United leading it only means that the Red Devils are now crowned the Champions. What does that mean for Liverpool fans?

With Man U's title in the bag Liverpool is the runner up. You see tonight was a pretty interesting night as both Arsenal and Liverpool fans were walking together and singing the same tune. An almost unlikely alliance but as the saying goes 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' (or at least it was here in Malaysia).

Both supporters were gunning for the fall of Manchester United in tonight's game and i have to say that Arsenal played good defense in the first half but slacked when it came to attacking. Even though Arsenal possessed the ball 61% of the time they were constantly trying to score from within the box while Man U with their superb cross-overs and long range attacks proved that they had the better foot in offense.

Sadly, in the second half I felt that Arsenal really started to slack in defense and the Devils almost scored a goal. Luckily, it was counted as off sides (the sigh of relief from Arsenal fans were deafening). As the clock ran out and three minutes were added and you can tell Manchester United were purposely delaying (a dirty tactic i might add) and a Rooney's last minute substitution in the last 20 seconds of the game was dishonorable in my books.

I mean seriously whats up with all the kissing and hugging as he walked off the field? Obviously they were just delaying, they really could do that on their own time and not on field time man!

Oh well and there you have it... Manchester United are the champions yet again and Liverpool gets the sloppy seconds.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm currently stuck in the studio as i have to wait to do my voiceover for a radio ad and to pre-record my weekend show this week as i am heading to Penang this weekend. I have so many things to update, and yet time a luxury. So this is what basically is at the top of my head right now:

1. I have an interview with MASKULIN magazine tomorrow.
2. I still need to write about my KRABI trip.
3. My mother's day celebration.
4. The reason why my "Follower of the Week" was discontinued for over a month.
5. Gathering infos and research into Moe Podcast and Moe TV. Still ironing out the kinks:- branding, content, marketing, branding, promotion, and basically the business side of things.
6. The importance of family.

I would also like to take this time to thank my manager Aina, for working so hard to promote the name Moe Nasrul. A million thanks to Martin for his vision as my business manager and also single handedly create my website (it is still in the works, people), Emily for always being there for me, helping me in every way that she could, and most importantly, my mother...who despite everything, for hurting her unintentionally..still always show that she loves me unconditionally.

I love you Umi *hugs* And happy Mother's day.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An afternoon with the Saturdays

The 8TV Quickie Crew getting ready for their interview. Photos courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection.

The Saturdays. Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasru's Personal Collection

Yesterday as well i had the chance to interview Frankie,Mollie, Vanessa, Rochelle and Una from the Girl Group The Saturdays :D Honestly these girls were really down to Earth and fun to hang out with. They were all really bubbly (not to mention pretty...).

Azri from Universal took a few photos of me and the Saturdays but he's only able to send it to me tomorrow. So once i get them i'll post them up.

It's kind of funny, don't you think Frankie (the one on the far left) looks from a distance like Posh Spice?

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Moe Nasrul's in Malay Mail.

Your boy Moe Nasrul in the news.

Had a surprise yesterday when i was reading through Malay Mail. My article came out and it detailed all about my career in radio. That and my time growing up in Hawaii and my love for the Malaysian culture :D

Click here to read the article online!

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