Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An afternoon with the Saturdays

The 8TV Quickie Crew getting ready for their interview. Photos courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection.

The Saturdays. Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasru's Personal Collection

Yesterday as well i had the chance to interview Frankie,Mollie, Vanessa, Rochelle and Una from the Girl Group The Saturdays :D Honestly these girls were really down to Earth and fun to hang out with. They were all really bubbly (not to mention pretty...).

Azri from Universal took a few photos of me and the Saturdays but he's only able to send it to me tomorrow. So once i get them i'll post them up.

It's kind of funny, don't you think Frankie (the one on the far left) looks from a distance like Posh Spice?

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