Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Models as Muse--MET Costume Institute Fashion Gala 2009

I believe that style and fashion is an extension of a person's personality. Therefore, it is subjective. My opinion is solely my own, so you guys may agree with me or otherwise.

If Mexicans celebrate Cinco De Mayo on the 5th of May, fashion designers, models, and celebrities celebrate MET Costume Institute Fashion Gala in New York. It is the most glamorous and fashionable A-list party of the year. Usually, celebrities would opt for edgier wardrobe, and they are more ready to push the fashion envelope. So it is a welcome change to see their style outside from the Grammies, movie premieres, and the Oscars.

For example, look at what Rihanna and Anne Hathaway wore to the event.

Rihanna and Anne Hathaway.

If last year's highly successful charity event was chaired by Anna Wintour, Julia Roberts, and George Clooney, this year's event was chaired by Anna herself, Marc Jacob, Kate Moss, and Justin Timberlake. If last year's theme was "Superheroes", this years theme was "Model as Muse". Therefore, pairing Marc Jacob and his muse model Kate Moss is a picture perfect-combination in its essence.

Marc Jacob and Kate Moss.

I think last year's superheroes theme was easier to follow, it was more tangible than this year's theme. I supposed everyone followed the theme as all they need to do is wear their favourite designer's dress and come as their muse.

I'm sure you all have seen the beautiful photos from entertainment websites already, but let's pay a tribute post to men of MET, shall we?

Chad Westwick

Daivd Lauren, accompanied by Lauren Bush. I like how he wears feminine ruffles shirt, and she wears a masculine vest suit. Nice.

Darren Avonofsky looks a little blah in the black attire. But he has one of the best accesories a man could have- Rachel Weisz.
I think Bradley Cooper is the best dressed male. I like how he sticks to wearing the formal black suit to the fashion gala, but added polka dot scarf to line the lapel, and a cute polka bow tie instead of tie.
I like Bono's black suit and shirt as well. Although it looks like plain black, if you take a longer look you could see the pattern.

Joshua Jackson with girlfriend Diane Kruger. A safe choice.

Doesn't Jim Fallon's white shirt looks like a bib?

Judd Apatow.

I am inclined to say that Bruce Willis looks 'safe' here. But it's good to see looking his best with new wife Emma Hemming, isn't it?

Rory the messy hair.

Marc Jacob. Love the bling bling!

Kiefer Sutherland. A little blah.

I can't help but to think this is the best photo i've seen for this couple. She usually looks very trashy, and Kanye always look a little over the top way too often.

Justin was crowned best dressed male from a lot of magazines and website. But i still think Bradley Cooper is.

Tony Parker.

Tom Brady. Love the tie!

Credits: Style, Huffington Post, Coffee with HG

Guest Writer: eM.

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