Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm currently stuck in the studio as i have to wait to do my voiceover for a radio ad and to pre-record my weekend show this week as i am heading to Penang this weekend. I have so many things to update, and yet time a luxury. So this is what basically is at the top of my head right now:

1. I have an interview with MASKULIN magazine tomorrow.
2. I still need to write about my KRABI trip.
3. My mother's day celebration.
4. The reason why my "Follower of the Week" was discontinued for over a month.
5. Gathering infos and research into Moe Podcast and Moe TV. Still ironing out the kinks:- branding, content, marketing, branding, promotion, and basically the business side of things.
6. The importance of family.

I would also like to take this time to thank my manager Aina, for working so hard to promote the name Moe Nasrul. A million thanks to Martin for his vision as my business manager and also single handedly create my website (it is still in the works, people), Emily for always being there for me, helping me in every way that she could, and most importantly, my mother...who despite everything, for hurting her unintentionally..still always show that she loves me unconditionally.

I love you Umi *hugs* And happy Mother's day.

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