Friday, May 1, 2009

TOMOK: Winner of OIAM Season 3

Personally i like Weera. But i gotto say that Tomok really is the icing that tops the OIAM 3 cake.

Every week, he brought something new. Just to recap on his element of surprises:

1. He performed Beyonce's Crazy In Love and made it sound like his.
2. Performed Meet Uncle Hussein's breakout song and made it his own-- slow then changed into rock in mid-tempo.
3. He was the first contestant to sang the jury's song (Syafinaz's Ingin Bersama about barking up the right tree).
4. When he was getting predictable with singing female artist's song, he twirled his mic mid song when singing Rihanna's "Umbrella".

Although tonight's performance of Aizat's song was so-so, he bounced back during the second performance. But the element of surprise for finale from Tomok? He flexed his 'fashion-savvy' muscles. That maroon military-inspired jacket that looks like a cross between German Nazis and Buckingham Palace Guards without the tall bushy hat, is actually very in fashion now! Iz who is known for his fashion forwardness wore that when he performed at One Utama's Fashion on 1 Gala Party.

Tomok: Creative artist who defied everyone's perception of Tomok New Boyz. *Clap Clap*. He is a deserving winner.

And by the way, DJ Prem did an awesome job emceeing such a big event!!! :)

PREDICTION: Marketing execs drawing up endorsement proposals to get Tomok as their spokesperson :)

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