Sunday, May 3, 2009

AIM 16 Results, Fashion, Commentary

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Although Dato' Siti Nurhaliza was the biggest winner by bagging four major awards, the GAL of the NIGHT was definitely Misha Omar for three reasons:

1. Misha's talent was finally recognized after seven years of being in the industry. (can anyone remember why Sarimah Ibrahim was crowned Best New Artist and not Misha Omar seven years ago????)

2. Misha won Song of the Year, Best Pop Album, Best Pop Song and Best Ethnic Pop Song. Four major awards as well.

3. Dato' Siti has won too many awards from AIM that it just does not seems to hold weight anymore. I think at this stage of her career, recognition from Indonesia or the Grammy are what Dato' should aim for. Plus, Dato' Siti's contenders for Best Vocal Performance in a Song (Female) were the likes of reality TV stars who were barely one years old in the industry.

Major hotness indie bands like Meet Uncle Hussein and Hujan had a fair fight. Indie band Meet Uncle Hussein was named Best New Artiste while Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song (Bila Aku Sudah Tiada) belonged to Hujan.

Anyways, let's talk a little bit about fashion on the Blue Carpet (it is named the Blue Carpet because the event was sponsored by Celcom)

One theme that i really adore is how our local bands dressed alike for the event. It really looked uniformed and you can tell who belongs to which group. Look at Hujan, Meet Uncle Hussein, and Raihan.

If the word Faizal Tahir conjures up an image of a rocker with jeans, superman t-shirt, and sleek long hair, the Faizal Tahir at AIM 16 proved to be buzz worthy in the world of male fashion now. He was spotted with Japanese boy short hair, with a detailed ensemble of dark grey pants and vest, worn on top of a black shirt and paired with the hottest accessories for the season, a pair of sexy leather gloves.

Of course, you can still expect Faizal Tahir to rock the crowd, even when he is dressed to impress!

Other celebrities and music movers and shakers who were M.I.A last night were Dato' Siti (who performing umrah), and two new daddies (Malique and Rich Estranged).

I think Siti wishes to at least have the same alibi with Malique and Rich :)

Anyway, something humorous to close the post....
Separated at birth? (Right) Moe Nasrul one year ago. (Left) Faizal Tahir arriving at AIM 16.

Photo credits: Sam Kassim, The Star, Irwandy.
Guest Writer: Em

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