Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cyber Nip and Tuck 2

A week ago, i changed my web template. I know you like it :).

Fact is, i love it too!

I'm upgrading my blog into my full-fledged website. It's not impossible now really. You'd only have to invest your time tweaking your HTML, the layout, and study easy tutorials abundantly available online. So this is one of my side projects. Soon, you can download my profiles if you are a a prospective client. By this i meant if you are looking for a emcee, event host, etc. I'll also be adding more categories into my posts.

As for now, you'll notice the Add This and Save as PDF buttons.

With the Add This button, you can recommend my posts to other social networking website, or even to your own blog. For example, if you find my post incredibly useful, you can click the Add This button, and a pull-down option appears. From there, you can choose to add my post in Facebook, Twitter, and social network and bookmarking services. You can choose to email or print it too :)

These are some cool, interactive stuffs to make your stay on Moe Nasrul's blog more comfortable.

Let's hang out more often here, ok?

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