Monday, November 23, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

In the beginning... I didn't want to get into the Twilight craze. I didn't wanna be among the so "gaga over how cool the movie was" type people or be among the guys wishing they were a vampire because all the girls are saying how amazingly good looking Edward (Robert Pattinson) was and blah blah blah so on an so forth.
Until I watched Twilight for myself. I admit it was more out of curiosity than anything else because i was like what is everyone jumping for joy about? I confess that when I had finally watched Twilight that I... became a fan (this is where I run to the corner and cry profusely wondering exactly where my manliness has gone)

And not so long ago... my favorite topic on Fly's Fm Buzz Central back in the days of Radio News Presenting was how girls all over world were going head over heels over Taylor Lautner and his new buff look in the trailer to the point that poor Rob. P. was blown out of the water ( thats cause he had his shirt off running through the woods isn't it girls!!!)

I confess...I am really excited about the New Moon Movie coming out and really can't wait to see it. Why? Definitely not for Taylor Lautner but because I have always been in love with the whole vampire mythos ever since I picked up reading Anne Rice Novels. That and the Werewolves vs Vampire element that I think is super-uber cool ever since I played Vampire:the Masquerade and seeing it come to life in the Underworld movies, will be present in the movie. I mean seriously it is hard to find a seriously good Werewolves vs Vampire movie.

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It's going to be more interesting in New Moon I feel because not only would the Werewolves and Vampires go head to head as a species but also it seems that a Vampire and a Werewolf is fighting for the love of one human woman. It's interesting to see this wicked love triangle in action and I admit it's a brilliant take on the age old rivalry.

In Short, I'll be watching the movie just look for the guy wearing a hoodie and sunglasses trying to cover his face with a big tub of buttered popcorn.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The robe and scroll

You know time flies really fast. I mean one day i was starting a career in radio and studying business part-time and now i'm officially graduating as a business major while working as tv host.

Yesterday pretty much picked up my robe and went through the rehearsals for today. Which be the day i get that scroll...

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Facebook Fan Page is up :D

That's write ladies and gents I've joined the ranks of the people that have a fan page! Now honestly why did I start a fan page on Facebook?

First and foremost Facebook being the one of the best social network out there it makes perfect sense. Why a fan page now? well it all started when Mike Campton told me on 8TV Nite Live that he had started a fan page. Obviously i thought it was vein and then after the show he told me about how it's great for people to come together and discuss the stuff that they love.

I was like OK. I love starting discussions and I do it all the time on my profile although unofficially. I was like why not create a fan page so that i could talk officially about the things I love and of course with the people that loves the same things. That and it would be a great way for me to share with you my latest artworks and of course the progress of my first debut album.

So add me up and lets get this party started!

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

High Mountain Tea Journey

I remember during my college days I was so into coffee. I drank coffee to keep awake and study for exams and I worked at Starbucks part-time to make some extra cash which I then was exposed to more coffee! I had always figured I was a coffee man with Kenyan Coffee beans being my favorite kind of grind.

Recently however I have reached a new frontier and a little less rugged i guess. The world I'm talking about is the world of tea or high mountain tea. Well to be specific Oolong tea. I know I'm the least likely candidate to be into traditional Chinese tea and maybe the farthest I would go is Green Tea on the side of a well prepared sushi.

Ever since I tried a cup recently I guess you can say i got hooked. First what attracted me was the exotic and very cool way of preparing it from the small tea pot and poured into the small cups. It made me feel like a Kung Fu master or an Imperial Emissary for an ancient Chinese Dynasty. That was the beginning.

Now comes the obsession part of it. I went online and started researching on the different kinds of tea! Did you know that oxygen makes the tealeaves bitter? hence why low altitude teas need that extra two teaspoons of sugar or flavouring to make it drinkable. It all has to do with a process called oxidization where the tealeaves are dried out or during the baking process. Since there is less oxygen at higher altitudes, teas like Oolong tea have a sweeter taste and aroma!!! Hence why Oolong tea needs no sugar and could consumed as is! mixed with water of course.

Pretty cool stuff.

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Drive by gone wrong...Dude forgot to roll down his window!!!

Drive by shootings aren't funny for the main fact that people get killed. But there is something comedic about a 'gangsta' trying to 'bust a cap' but forgets to roll down his window. It's like something out of a gangster movie paraody or something very much like Quetine Taratino's Pulp Fiction. Like that scene where John Travolta's character accidently shot a guy in the car.

It's almost as funny as the gangsta who shot off his own balls because the gun went off when he holstered it in his pants. This is a true story, honest

Check out the full drive by story

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Monday, November 2, 2009

A journey through my second brain...

It's funny how your phone ends up being almost like a second brain. A weird concept i know but if you think about it when you one day look through your phone and it's endless amount of pictures and notes you find that it brings back all kinds of memories. Just as a second brain would.

Here was what was in my second brain.

On the 15th til the 18th of October I had emceed Shojikiya's Japanese Food Fair at One Utama. the event included games and Japanese cultural performances suchas Wadaiko Drum performance, Soran Bushi folk dance and Rice Harvest Dance.

On the same day itself was the Indie Youth Festival 09, where they had a cyber games tournament specifically for the game of Counter Strike.

And much to my surprise a good friend of mine was hosting the Indie Gig for the Indie Youth Festival 09 none other than Rina Omar.

And I manage to catch performances by Dichi Michi...

and one of my favorite bands and close friends of mine, Bittersweet...

Loved how they came with neon colored sweaters and look very much like the beetles. very cool.

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