Monday, August 18, 2008

Starting the band

Yes that is right i am planning to revive back my rocker days by reviving back the group known as Six String Samurais... the very reason i had gotten into radio was to further my music career...some where along the line i fell in love with the radio industry... now i wish to bring back that old rocker that i once was...

but big problem though... my old drummer will be leaving for the USA next month...

So anyone interested in being a drummer for my band just drop me a mail at with your contact number... i'll contact you.

oh and by the way... be really great if you were based in the klang valley area... it would be heck of a lot easier to jam and all...

Friday, August 15, 2008

I did IT !!!

One of the things i dreaded the most when i started was doing a double shift... thats when i would have to work both the morning (Pagi Show) and the evening traffic on top of all the scripts and Promo adverts that i have to record... usually this only happens when Alisha gets sick, losses her voice or breaks something... well she actually tore three ligaments when she feel in the studio (thats why people say don't run in studio...sigh...)

So i had for week done a double shift... and it is finally over with the last traffic report coming out in less than ten minutes ( yes i'm writing this in between the traffic about up to date :P )

then i'm off to a four day vacation ( cause i've been working for two weeks none stop...literally non-stop) in Penang with my nearest and dearest Emily !!!

well gotta go :D

Moe Nasrul

p.s. traffic really jammed on the LDP and in Penang from Bayan Lepas to the Bridge and After the toll to the mid span...just a lil traffic update for fun.. heheheheehe...

Friday, August 8, 2008

If Only Radio Could...

Since I'm working in Radio I just one day wondered... what are other radio stations across the oceans and in the land of other people are doing and how are they doing it different? And I came across a few prank calls... that had gone wrong... Imagine the ratings if stuff like this could be aired on Malaysian Radio...


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Highlights of the day...

Another day has passed at the studio... about to clock out. Before i go i would like to highlight my day (or actually pass few days that really stand out when i think about it )

1)Most interesting Video I saw on Youtube:

I wish i had there voices :D

2)The most interesting Person I met today... Zain HD the person behind the "KL Freeze" :

3)The song that caught my attention today and i don't know why...or even why today:P

4)Song that made me relive head-banging-totally-rocking-days:

5)Song that really made me stop and listen cause I felt it had touched me the most at that point of time:

I hoped to be missed when i'm gone :( to leave something behind...

6)The Newest thing i started getting involved in:

Thanks to my girl Emily Ismail who started doing customized Newspapers for Weddings... I got the Nuptale bugg too.

7)The Most touching thing someone said to me today:

"I miss you bee..."

8) The words that pissed me off the most today:

" Whatever la... you weren't listening anyways..."

Still does... hope your happy whoever said it...

9) Things I said that really made me think for a minute:

" It's the things you didn't do that you regret...Mark Twain."

Had said it to prove a point then the words kept on ringing in my head... and seriously made me think... the powers of a good

Well anyways thank you for reading my inconsistent ramblings :P and enjoy the videos as much as i did when i watched them courtesy of Youtube:D

Moe Nasrul