Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Producer's new earings!

With my new found love for Twitter, Amrita the Pagi show's Producer and I were raving about how she was stuck watching 17 Again next to a group of ten year olds and how she got some new earring that night.

So yesterday morning, Amrita showed them to to me. Some pretty cool stuff. Ones a cassette tape and the other a skateboard. Not to mention matching Dice looking ones!

If i had pierced ears, I'd wear them.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Celcom @ Sepang Super GT

Last weekend on the 20th and 21st, I was in Celcom Territory! Well basically I was emceeing for their booth they had set up during the Sepang Super GT. I was substituting for my housemate C.loco as he had another event outside of the Klang Valley.

Photos courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

It was an awesome job and even got to see the race!

Only one thing tho,

Hot Super GT girls...good,

Hot Tropical Sun...bad.

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The Durian Eating Fest at Sri Pentas

If you've been keeping up with my twitter twits for the last two hours than you've probably read about me going on and on about the durian smell and how everyone at Media Prima was outside enjoying the king of fruits!

For those that didn't (or when this post becomes outdated ) today the HR of Media Prima decided to treat all it's staff (behind the scenes and talents included) to day of Durian Eating! That's right a total of 2,600 Durians were ordered and they came in truck loads, as per below.

Yup I tried to take a sneak shot at all the baskets filled with Durian. I was joking with the guy in the picture how he looked like a bodyguard or something guarding the fruits.

I had myself indulge in the feast and within twenty minutes I was literally feeling heaty and boy was it an experience as I was searching for Mangosten which cools the body to counter the heatiness of Durians. A tropical yin and yang if you wish.

That's right, since it was open to Media Prima staff there were no shortage of celebrities. Here is Wahid Senario enjoying one!

Even the One Fm Announcers (a.k.a DJs) Suki, Jane, Lee Khoon the Producer for the Morning Kaki show and the crew enjoyed some.

As well as Azlee Senario (red), Seelan Paul our COO (Green) and Karim Singh Walia (blue)

More Durians!! Imagine more than 2,600 pices were ordered and the whole block smelled of Durians... good for us, but i pity those that hate the fruit.
Cause the smell really sticks on you especially when you *bluuuuuurrrp* ... excuse me.

Maskulin Magazine-July Issue

Photos courtesy of Moe Nasrul's private collection. Click photos to enlarge.

Your boy Moe Nasrul is in the news again :)

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rashdan performs at playa got game

Yup rashdan is now as i'm typing wowing the crowd at E@curve.

And guess what? He got a black fedora! Gee I wonder who gave him that idea:p

Imitation is the deepest form of flattery :)

At playa got game

Man brings back old memories. Used to drive this baby around town:)

Rock and roll, Moe Nasrul roll out!

Now at playa got game.

That's right! The twenty four hour gaming experience is happening now a E@curve.
Here with my housemate and friend c.loco. He just helped me set up twitter on my phone. Been twitting like mad while he conquers the street fighter game. Twenty six wins and still going:)

Will be twitting my every move :) check it out on the side bar of my blog!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael* Joseph Jackson (August 29 1958 - June 25 2009)

I was on my way to work this morning and the first thing I heard as i entered the studio "Micheal Jackson has passed away...". I was shocked and quickly asked the Pagi Show when they were off air, whether it was true? Mind you this was 5 in the morning and many of the Major News like CNN and BBC were still in the dark but TMZ got the scoop first. Apparently an insider in the hospital confirmed that Micheal Jackson had indeed passed away due to a heart attack.

Within One hour I could see as i was searching for my news, one by one everyone started to post up on their website headlines, Twitter, Facebook, you name it and everything online reported that MJ had officially passed on.

I was deeply sadden by this news as he was the person you loved to make fun off, the person who inspired you with his song and his style of dressing was so unique, so iconic that you can't deny it. Seriously if i were to walk out with a white glove on my hand who do think I'm trying to copy? It's definitely not bugs bunny.

I remember the first Micheal Jackson song i ever heard was "Heal the World" and it made me go wow that's a nice song with a cool message... that was until my best friend at the time told me about his weirdo lifestyle. Never the less, I grew up with MJ, respected,loved, laughed at and occasionally parodied. He was such an Icon!

You can see that many tried to emulate MJ, especially his Thriller dance sequence...

The Original...
The Sequence Cameo/Parody in the music video Clint Eastwood by Guerillaz...

Even Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers got in on the action!!!!

Not to mention MJ's Unique personality inspired many great movie characters like Johnny Depp's rendition of Willy Wonka!

Not to forget, He was also the source of numerous parodies on SNL and numerous movies!

And top it all off, Covers of his song done by many musicians from Fall Out Boy to Alien Ant Farm have come over the years!

Rest In Peace MJ... You will be missed.

*Thank you Amrita for spellchecking Michael Jackson's name for me. I would be nothing without you... (add her @vanillasuicide on twitter! She's awesome!)

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Four Announcements on Moe Nasrul Blogspot

Hi peeps,

I constantly give my blog a makeover to increase reading pleasure, to give more information about myself and the radio industry, and for potential clients (for emcee and voice talent jobs) to have a channel for communication with myself.

So four things that i have included in my blog: Gallery, RSS & Technorati, and a My Featured Video.

Gallery section

My Gallery of photos.

I'm very excited to announce that after two months of toying around with the idea and finding ways to implement it, my "Gallery" section in my blog is up and running. You guys should give it a look-see. A big thank you to Shidi, who is also my photographer, for setting up the Gallery section for me.

Click the "Gallery" section on the top right of the blog.


You can now subscribe to this blog and add it as your Technorati Favourites.

Although this feature has been up for two weeks, I've never made a proper announcement about this. I'm also very pleased to announce that you can now subscribe to Moe Nasrul blogspot. This is an effort to increase readership and for my friends, family, and readers (who are non-bloggers, and rarely visit my blog) to get updates about my blog without even visiting my blog.

There are two ways that you can subscribe: Email or RSS. I give you two choices to love me :)

My Featured Video

My absolutely current featured video.

Apart from clicking on the "Voice Overs" tab, you can catch my latest voice overs (be it radio or TV) on the Video Bar. It is absolutely current, and therefore, whenever you catch it on the radio or TV, you'd know it is your boy Moe Nasrul voicing the ad :)

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Art Attack in the studio!!

Photos courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

Right after my last traffic report I had some scrap paper left over. For the sake of recycling and most importantly art I decided to create something. I guess it's the artist/painter part of me that just has to be randomly artistic-creative.

Right now preparing for a 'Back to school' photoshoot. Everyone has to dress up as student or a teacher or in my case 'Pak Cik Kanteen'. Will update later and share pictures of everybody's funky 'Back to School' costumes.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rina Omar's directorial debut!!

Last week Thursday, Rina Omar who was formerly the host for 8tv Quickie met up for a drink at the Media Prima cafeteria and she was telling me how she's directing now.

I was pretty cool as she is currently working on a show which is in it's new season and with a topic i can't reveal just yet. It's all P&C unfortunately, although her is a clue it has something to do with three girls. However the next day we got in touch again and just by chance she was doing a shoot in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Area and I has just finished my shift. I decided to drop by and check out Rina Omar on set as director.

It was an awesome and fun experience, especially since i have not seen a production being down outside of a studio ( I feel so sheltered now). The there was the cherry on top of the cake! Naz (from the Breakfast show) happened to be in the area and dropped by. Apparently he had just got released from the hospital after a knee surgery due to a football injury (hey that rhymes). According to his wife Sheahnee it's his third knee surgery and his fifth knee injury. It made me wonder, how rough does this guy play football?

Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

Friday, June 19, 2009

Super GT in the house !!!

Photos Courtesy of Anrelotter.com and www.js-style.com

The Fly Fm Pagi Show always has the most interesting guests on the show! Today Andre Lotter and Juichi Wakisaka (pics above) gave their view on female drivers and of course talk about the Super GT. Erm...your probably wondering what they said about Female drivers...

Well... they didn't say they were entirely bad, just that sometimes driving slow on the fast lane does make a driver...well bad (I'm hesitating to not get angry comments from female drivers because I love women-kind hehehehe).

Anyways the Pagi show had put the two on the hot seat on no they didn't eat Wasabai sandwiches but they did do something a lot worse! They had to speak in Malay on national radio!!! That's right we had a list of Malay phrases and it was hilarious especially Juichi with his really really thick Japanese accent!

They were also accompanied by the lovely people from Petronas and guess what, we all got goodie bags!!! (Check it out below)

Although I knew that Phat Fabes and Ben were really disappointed that these girls didn't come and visit (below).

Photo Courtesy of Motorsport.com
Oh well maybe next time.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lunch at Sushi Zenmai with Ben and Amrita

During lunch time Amrita, Ben and I were sitting in the studio wondering where to go for lunch. Then Suddenly Amrita yelled out "Sushi! sushi!" which was pretty cute and hilarous considering she had that big puppy dog like smile on her face. Ben thought it was a good idea and knew of this place called Sushi Zenmai that he and Jules from Rush Hour had gone to only the day before and the food was fantastic!

I'm totally into Sushi and had no problems of course, so the three of us marched out of the studio but we were plagued with one problem tho. Should we drive or walk? I suggested that we walk cause lets face it, burning some extra calories before a big lunch is always a good idea.

However in the end, after some consideration and Ben offering to drive all of us we ended up driving to One Utama. Which is ridiculously close to the office but hey it was cool to ride in Ben's VW Golf GTI. Really comfortable...I wonder whats the price tag on one.

So there we were at Sushi Zenmai after a brief drive and Ben trying to test out his phone's song list could be played on the radio via some high-tech funky transmitter, I was surprised that the place was actually quite a large area and had a whole kitchen at the centre of a shopping mall.

So we finally found a place to sit and Ben was still messing around with his phone. Ever the Tech-guy.

What happened next was pure Sushi heaven... hmm really good sushi :D

Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection