Monday, June 29, 2009

The Durian Eating Fest at Sri Pentas

If you've been keeping up with my twitter twits for the last two hours than you've probably read about me going on and on about the durian smell and how everyone at Media Prima was outside enjoying the king of fruits!

For those that didn't (or when this post becomes outdated ) today the HR of Media Prima decided to treat all it's staff (behind the scenes and talents included) to day of Durian Eating! That's right a total of 2,600 Durians were ordered and they came in truck loads, as per below.

Yup I tried to take a sneak shot at all the baskets filled with Durian. I was joking with the guy in the picture how he looked like a bodyguard or something guarding the fruits.

I had myself indulge in the feast and within twenty minutes I was literally feeling heaty and boy was it an experience as I was searching for Mangosten which cools the body to counter the heatiness of Durians. A tropical yin and yang if you wish.

That's right, since it was open to Media Prima staff there were no shortage of celebrities. Here is Wahid Senario enjoying one!

Even the One Fm Announcers (a.k.a DJs) Suki, Jane, Lee Khoon the Producer for the Morning Kaki show and the crew enjoyed some.

As well as Azlee Senario (red), Seelan Paul our COO (Green) and Karim Singh Walia (blue)

More Durians!! Imagine more than 2,600 pices were ordered and the whole block smelled of Durians... good for us, but i pity those that hate the fruit.
Cause the smell really sticks on you especially when you *bluuuuuurrrp* ... excuse me.

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