Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cyber Nip & Tuck 3

Everytime when i log on to blog, i keep finding ways to constantly upgrade my blog to bring my friends, family, and readers fresh ultimate reading experience.

Few weeks ago, i changed my template, added print, email, and "share it on facebook, twitter, and other social bookmarking" abilities. This week, i added a "Link Within" feature to my blog.

This feature will help you (yes, you! My dearest readers) to read my other related links to the post. So, if you missed out on any old post, you can read it still. This way, my older posts won't be pushed to oblivion!

The "Link Within" feature appears by the end of each of my post. The feature intelligently picks up three of my old post that has the same label as the new post. To use this feature, just click on the icon and title post that you might want to read further.

I'll also be adding a new label, which is 'Food Log'. No, i'm not a paid food blogger. But i will only blog about places i have been to and when i find the food really worth to give it a proper review!~

Love you guys! and have a happy DAULAT TUANKU day off tomorrow (i'll be bringing you guys the latest in news and traffic on the Pagi Show)

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