Friday, June 12, 2009

Snow White at Media Prima?

Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

The time was 9:05 this morning and I was walking over to the cafeteria to get something to munch on for a late breakfast. Then something caught my eye, something in blue and yellow and it was in the on-air studio of Fly Fm's sister radio station One FM! it seemed the morning jock Jeff was dressed as Snow White on One FM's Morning Kaki!!!

That's right apparently this dude lost a bet or something against Jane the other morning jock on One FM and he had to dress up as Snow White!!

To top it off around where he sat had all these world bubbles made from cut-out paper and from the outside it looked as if the studio was a comic panel and those were thought bubbles!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?
The sign says "I'm Pretty? mmm...I think I am" and sure as i don't read Chinese :( Photo Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

Very creative. Crazy stuff always happens here at Sri Pentas :D

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