Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pulau Jagung revealed!!

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After searchng the internet, I finally found out that Sungai Jagung does not exit! The Pictures were acutually of a river Crotia near the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina called Plitvice Lake National Park.

What adds salt to the wound is that this place is an Official UNESCO World Heritage Site. I guess the lesson is kids, always research your sources :)

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SyaFiQa raHim said...

lol. i always knew that pulau jagung does not exist! if it does exist, why does it doesn't became one of the most wanted places among malaysian rite?
well, like u said. always research the sources. :)

thanks for the info moe.

p/s : if it is in malaysia, i go now! haha.

Moe Nasrul said...

No worries :D