Thursday, July 16, 2009

Steve's (Music I Like) bilated birthday!!

This month seem to be filled with birthdays!! First it was Ben and now it's Steve's turn!!

This how it all went down.

Thinking that it was a normal Thursday I was walking through the hallways of Media Prima to head toward the weekly team meeting. I thought it was weird when I saw Prem and Jules (Rush Hour) sneaking into the engineering room holding a box.

Suddenly I saw Alisha (News and Traffic) coming in with candles and I was like what is going on? I approached the huddled group and saw that Alisha was stylishly arranging the candles. So artsy!!!

I was slightly blur from working the mornings. I was like "Hey whatcha doing?"

Suddenly I was greeted with a "SHHHHHH it's Steve's Birthday and we're going to surprise him during the meeting!"

I was excited as I love surprise birthdays. It's the whole sneaking around and stuff that gets the blood pumping.

So we all crept to the meeting room and suddenly burst in singing happy birthday! but here is the funny thing, the moment the cake was settled on the table everyone ( I do mean every single person in the meeting room) quickly took out there phone and started taking pictures and update their twitter and Facebook account...even your truly.

wow how technology has evolved.

Oh yeah...then Steve blew out the candles

Photos courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal collection

P.s. I wish I had taken pictures of Prem and Jules sneaking around... it was such a site :( Happy Birthday Steve!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What has happened so far...

I'd have to say the past few days have been very event full, I'm not even sure where to begin. Well lets try to start at the beginning...

On Monday Dynas Mokhtar had visited the studio and did an interview with the Pagi show. Now this chick is close friends with Daphne Iking and Sazzy Falak and they call their group of friends the 'Pink Slepet'. hmmm... sounds rather suspicious, and sounds very similar to a word that describes a women's Nether regions :P

Well anyways Dynas is one of the nominees for the Stylo Award for the upcoming shout awards this Friday.

Now lets rewind a bit to the weekend before that Monday. I had spent sometime hanging out with my little sister and took them swimming. Of course the air had gotten hazy of late and my little sister had to wear a surgical mask. Mind you seeing a little toddler wearing a surgical mask is one of the cutest things i have ever seen.

OK it's not that big a deal but it was an excuse to share a moment in my life where i went...awe soooo cute! So anyways fast forward to yesterday. Hunny Madu and Prem had to go for a photo shoot and it was hilarious as Prem had to dress in a 'kain'! so he looks well... check out the photo it's priceless!

Did you burst out laughing? I know i did when i saw him. Now fast forward to today. Hunny Madu came into the studio early as she was on MHI and man... whats up with the captain-eesk type hat?
She kind of looks like the long lost sister of the Village People! Well that's whats been up with me so far... and thanks for everyone who has been tweeting with me and fueling my new addiction :)

Moe passes out due to exhaustion. Photos are courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection taken with the very tired hands that wrote this random post.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The mask...

Not sure if phat fabes is afraid of the swine flu or paying tribute to michael jackson, he was quite a sight when walked in the studio with a surgical mask on. No explanation just yet...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NTV 7's 11th Anniversary Office Party!!

Yesterday was another day at the studio and I was actually planning on leaving to head back and getting some snooze. Then I bumped into Mervin the on-ground street guy for NTV 7 and he said that there was party going on one floor up at the NTV 7 Office. I thought to myself why not, it'll be fun.

I was greeted by the site of many multi-colored balloons and everyone from the TV station was there. From Producers, to Sales Execs, to TV hosts and those from other stations under Media Prima. I met up with with Mervin outside on the balcony area of the office and grabbed some grub and teased him about his Kanye West type glasses... how do you see in those things?

I was thrilled to also bump into Naz and Sheanee there. Then a familiar voice came from behind "saying hello Moe, do you have facebook?"
It was Daphne Iking! it was cool because we had just interviewed her earlier that yesterday. It explained why she was dressed in yellow, because the parties official colors were yellow and white(?). e quickly added each other through the beauty of mobile internet connection (what did we ever do before it?!!)

I even met Aush the other News and Traffic Guy there and I stayed for a good hour or so just chatting away and then leaving for the nice warm bed waiting for me at home.

Funny how the bed could call from so far away when your feeling tired... in fact it's calling me now!

Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Daphne Iking and I

Photo courtesy of

Maybe I just like the girls with the morning look... or maybe with confidence... or maybe i just like hot girls!! What ever it maybe I felt like a stalker as I tried to take pictures of the Pagi Show's latest guest, Hot Chick Award nominee and Favorite TV Host Award for the Shout Award nominee: Daphne Iking!!!

Photos courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

That's right, dressed in Yellow she came into the studio and sat in the hot seat where in Pagi show fashion we played Truth or Dare. Now was Daphne afraid of telling the truth or was she just adventurous and wanted to take the challenge head on?! we will never know. So what was her challenge?

Photos courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection
She had to stick her hand into a tin box filled with gooey stuff and find a ball (which never existed). Now mind you she doesn't know that the hole is just filled with normal everyday jelly balls (the ones you use for your plants) mixed with food coloring and it didn't help that Phat Fabes psyched her out by telling her it could be dead tadpoles or a million other creepy stuff.

Photos courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection
Photos courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

She being the great sport actually stuck her hand in and i swear it was the loudest i have ever heard anyone scream in the studio!! She was really scared and shocked! so were the rest of us not by the contents of the dare but the sheer madness of Daphne's scream.

Then when things calmed down and the interview was over i managed to steal her away for a quick(y) recording of an ID for shout awards.

Photos courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

She was such a great sport and definitely one of the most energetic people i have ever met. I felt like a shy kid compared to her amazingly super-dooper energized character.

I tried to match it with a wide smile!!!

Photos are courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

Can you tell that I was shaking? I was just thinking about the slimy-wet hole those fingers had been in!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pan-Asian or Eurasian...which is the correct term?

The question had come about when a close friend and I were waiting in line to buy tickets to watch the late night movie of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We had met at the mall a friend of my sisters who was of mixed heritage (Caucasian mixed with Malay) and my Friend mentioned he looks mixed, to which i replied ' Yeah he's Eurasian'.

My friend then said "You mean Pan-Asian?"

Now mind you Pan-asian is a common term used by most Malaysians to describe a person of mix parentage and it wasn't the first time I heard the term being used.

I then replied "I think the proper term is Eurasian"

" I think you got that wrong it's Pan-asian"

"I don't think so." I got a little defense because English was my first language and I had this gut feeling (the one that tells you things) that i was right. " It's Eurasian because Caucasian are generally of European decent and when mixed with Asians you get Eurasians!"

OK i admit at this point i did sound like i was regurgitating a joke off Russell Peters but it's true and with a little humor it drives the point home with no sign of ill intentions.

Then we agreed to disagree and the topic would be over and done with... so i thought.

That's right it's nearly four in the morning and that measly unimportant trivial topic is stuck deep in my head and for one reason because English was my first language and if i got that wrong... what language am I good at?

I thus started my internet research (in Malay you'd say 'waaaah Rajin Gila') and what i found was a revelation of intense irony!!!

I went to Wikipedia and I typed Eurasian and i got my expected definition:

Eurasian - refers to a person of mixed Asian and European ancestry.

Yes!!! the battle had been won, so i was right but a lingering feeling told me that Pan-Asian could be a synonym for Eurasian.

So i looked up Pan Asian and I got redirected to Pan-Asianism (hmmmm...funny):

Pan-Asian - is an ideology or a movement that Asian nations unite and solidify to be free.

I was like what the Fish sticks on a cheesy sour dough bread!!! What so Pan Asian actually means fully Asian people or nations solidifying and freeing themselves? You mean full blooded pure no 'Mat Salleh' or 'Ang Mo' blood in them at all?!!!

SO are you saying that all them adds asking for Pan Asian looking people are actually looking for really Asian looking people? then the question I must ask is...

Photo Courtesy of Henry Golding

Does He look Asian too you?!!!

*Moe Nasrul is fully aware that the picture is of Henry Golding, but in no way wishes to make fun of his mixed parentage (which is blatantly obvious), just wanted to use his picture as an illustration of my point, that and Moe Nasrul thought it was amazingly hilarious to use his picture (oi it's a free plug for you la Henry!!). In general Henry has been a good friend (so no harm no foul right bro plus all the girls love you cause your the Cleo Bachelor :P ) **

**Moe Nasrul Apologizes for the amazingly long disclaimer (which doesn't seem like a real one anyway)... it's four in the morning my brain is half a asleep... so forgive me :)

*** Thank you for those who wished me good health when I was suffering from food poisoning the past few days :) Love you guys.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

OMG- Rally Car Crash!

I randomly came across this video while surfing the net and i was just amazed by it.

What happened was in 1995 during a rally race a car had crashed almost hitting a photographer and if the photographer had moved even a milimeter he would have been gone... but you guys have to check it out.

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Food Poisoning :(

Hey you. I would like to apologize for the lack of posts for the past few days. I have not been feeling well lately as I had gotten food poisoning after dining out recently.

It was a very interesting experience trying to do the News and Traffic yesterday morning as in between I'd rush off to the restroom and well... do you really need the details!

I'm feeling way better now but I just wanted to use this post as a "how do you know you have food poisoning" post and when you do get it what can you to get better.

But first What is Food Poisoning? well according to , Food poisoning is an acute syndrome which involves Diarrahea, abdominal cramping, vomiting which appear 48 hours after consuming infected food. Unfortunately I had experienced all of these first hand in the last 48 hours and i tell you it's not fun.

So what can you do to get better?

First and foremost drink a lot of water as with all the purging activities your body is doing your going to be really dehydrated.

When you go to the doctor you can actually get Re-hydration salts or better yet if you could run (or get someone to be your slave for a day and have them run for you) to a 7-eleven and get 100 plus. it's the same thing... just that one of them tastes better, guess which one?

Second you have to eat a pretty bland diet, nothing heavy or spicies like curry or anything. just stick to potatoes, rice, bread and milk. Yes as hard as it is you still got to eat cause your body needs it to get better.

When you see your doctor try to see if they have any medication that stops the vomiting and diarrhea. That definitely helped me alot, so much so that I'm able to do Saturdays news :D

But do take note that I am not a professional doctor, always consult the doctor in matters concerned with your health and what I've detailed are just what I had done to help me get through food poisoning.

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