Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pan-Asian or Eurasian...which is the correct term?

The question had come about when a close friend and I were waiting in line to buy tickets to watch the late night movie of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We had met at the mall a friend of my sisters who was of mixed heritage (Caucasian mixed with Malay) and my Friend mentioned he looks mixed, to which i replied ' Yeah he's Eurasian'.

My friend then said "You mean Pan-Asian?"

Now mind you Pan-asian is a common term used by most Malaysians to describe a person of mix parentage and it wasn't the first time I heard the term being used.

I then replied "I think the proper term is Eurasian"

" I think you got that wrong it's Pan-asian"

"I don't think so." I got a little defense because English was my first language and I had this gut feeling (the one that tells you things) that i was right. " It's Eurasian because Caucasian are generally of European decent and when mixed with Asians you get Eurasians!"

OK i admit at this point i did sound like i was regurgitating a joke off Russell Peters but it's true and with a little humor it drives the point home with no sign of ill intentions.

Then we agreed to disagree and the topic would be over and done with... so i thought.

That's right it's nearly four in the morning and that measly unimportant trivial topic is stuck deep in my head and for one reason because English was my first language and if i got that wrong... what language am I good at?

I thus started my internet research (in Malay you'd say 'waaaah Rajin Gila') and what i found was a revelation of intense irony!!!

I went to Wikipedia and I typed Eurasian and i got my expected definition:

Eurasian - refers to a person of mixed Asian and European ancestry.

Yes!!! the battle had been won, so i was right but a lingering feeling told me that Pan-Asian could be a synonym for Eurasian.

So i looked up Pan Asian and I got redirected to Pan-Asianism (hmmmm...funny):

Pan-Asian - is an ideology or a movement that Asian nations unite and solidify to be free.

I was like what the Fish sticks on a cheesy sour dough bread!!! What so Pan Asian actually means fully Asian people or nations solidifying and freeing themselves? You mean full blooded pure no 'Mat Salleh' or 'Ang Mo' blood in them at all?!!!

SO are you saying that all them adds asking for Pan Asian looking people are actually looking for really Asian looking people? then the question I must ask is...

Photo Courtesy of Henry Golding

Does He look Asian too you?!!!

*Moe Nasrul is fully aware that the picture is of Henry Golding, but in no way wishes to make fun of his mixed parentage (which is blatantly obvious), just wanted to use his picture as an illustration of my point, that and Moe Nasrul thought it was amazingly hilarious to use his picture (oi it's a free plug for you la Henry!!). In general Henry has been a good friend (so no harm no foul right bro plus all the girls love you cause your the Cleo Bachelor :P ) **

**Moe Nasrul Apologizes for the amazingly long disclaimer (which doesn't seem like a real one anyway)... it's four in the morning my brain is half a asleep... so forgive me :)

*** Thank you for those who wished me good health when I was suffering from food poisoning the past few days :) Love you guys.

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