Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What has happened so far...

I'd have to say the past few days have been very event full, I'm not even sure where to begin. Well lets try to start at the beginning...

On Monday Dynas Mokhtar had visited the studio and did an interview with the Pagi show. Now this chick is close friends with Daphne Iking and Sazzy Falak and they call their group of friends the 'Pink Slepet'. hmmm... sounds rather suspicious, and sounds very similar to a word that describes a women's Nether regions :P

Well anyways Dynas is one of the nominees for the Stylo Award for the upcoming shout awards this Friday.

Now lets rewind a bit to the weekend before that Monday. I had spent sometime hanging out with my little sister and took them swimming. Of course the air had gotten hazy of late and my little sister had to wear a surgical mask. Mind you seeing a little toddler wearing a surgical mask is one of the cutest things i have ever seen.

OK it's not that big a deal but it was an excuse to share a moment in my life where i went...awe soooo cute! So anyways fast forward to yesterday. Hunny Madu and Prem had to go for a photo shoot and it was hilarious as Prem had to dress in a 'kain'! so he looks well... check out the photo it's priceless!

Did you burst out laughing? I know i did when i saw him. Now fast forward to today. Hunny Madu came into the studio early as she was on MHI and man... whats up with the captain-eesk type hat?
She kind of looks like the long lost sister of the Village People! Well that's whats been up with me so far... and thanks for everyone who has been tweeting with me and fueling my new addiction :)

Moe passes out due to exhaustion. Photos are courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection taken with the very tired hands that wrote this random post.

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