Thursday, July 16, 2009

Steve's (Music I Like) bilated birthday!!

This month seem to be filled with birthdays!! First it was Ben and now it's Steve's turn!!

This how it all went down.

Thinking that it was a normal Thursday I was walking through the hallways of Media Prima to head toward the weekly team meeting. I thought it was weird when I saw Prem and Jules (Rush Hour) sneaking into the engineering room holding a box.

Suddenly I saw Alisha (News and Traffic) coming in with candles and I was like what is going on? I approached the huddled group and saw that Alisha was stylishly arranging the candles. So artsy!!!

I was slightly blur from working the mornings. I was like "Hey whatcha doing?"

Suddenly I was greeted with a "SHHHHHH it's Steve's Birthday and we're going to surprise him during the meeting!"

I was excited as I love surprise birthdays. It's the whole sneaking around and stuff that gets the blood pumping.

So we all crept to the meeting room and suddenly burst in singing happy birthday! but here is the funny thing, the moment the cake was settled on the table everyone ( I do mean every single person in the meeting room) quickly took out there phone and started taking pictures and update their twitter and Facebook account...even your truly.

wow how technology has evolved.

Oh yeah...then Steve blew out the candles

Photos courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal collection

P.s. I wish I had taken pictures of Prem and Jules sneaking around... it was such a site :( Happy Birthday Steve!!

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