Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Catch Me, Mike, and Jules on 8TV Nite Live

Catch Me, Mike (in pic) and Jules on 8TV Nite Live, every Saturday to Monday, from 12:45 am to 2:00 am.

Hey guys,

Yes yes i know! It's been more than two months since i updated my blog. I used to blog everyday, and all of a sudden, I was MIA.

Two months is a long month. So what was happening on the Moe Nasrul's front?

On Fly FM, I'm still the news and traffic guy on the Pagi Show (and yup! someone won the whopping RM28,000 for guessing the right answer to "Malaysia has the thrid highest number of what?"), covering events and press conferences.

Radio ads and TV ads have slowed down. But on the positive side, i got a new gig! I'm hosting 8TV Nite Live with Jules and Mike. We alternate to host the show; so if you see Mike and me, you won't see Jules. And if you see Jules and Mike, you won't see me. And if it's Jules and I on TV, Mike is on vacation :D

The hosting job has been great. It marks my first break into TV. And i am thankful as ever for the hosting gig. Sure i sleep less nowadays at night-- host 8TV nite live on Mondays and weekends from 12:45am to 2am, then do Pagi Show from 6am to 1oam.

But like the Malays said, rezeki jangan ditolak. And while the body is young, work as much as you can.

I'll be going for a vacation by the end of this week. So if you don't see me on TV or hear me on Fly, you know i'm enjoying my vacation :)

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hanisah ali said...

lorve to see u n mike host 8tv nite live..so hilarious n funny lol...keep it up guys..