Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Moe Nasrul and C.loco collabo?

A funny thing happened three hours ago. I was hanging out with C.Loco my house mate and former member of Poetic Ammo and was talking random things, then suddenly both of us had this itchy gotta-write-a-song-feeling that most musicians get after a reasonable hiatus.

Then Loco was like 'you know lets write that song we've been talking about writing', basically for a year or so we've been fooling around with the idea of writing a song together. I said 'definitely man. lets bring this idea to life bro.' yes i know my words sound a bit cliche on the written pixel text but i swear it sounded cool when said it.

Once we got Home Loco realized he got some really cool beats already from...well since he's writing rap songs and red-carpeteering with Poetic Ammo days. The only problem? It's in his old computer. Thus began the putting together of the old little machine.

So after the deed was done, i tuned my guitar and we started jamming. And finally we actually came up with a possible song. A diamond in the rough but with a little polishing and serious studio time it could be a shining jewel.

What there was a Video!!!

It's funny how you can discover random stuff. I was just dropping my Couzin IZ's blog and one of his posts had a link to a video which was of OK! Magazines 3rd Anniversay. I was like what they had a video? not only one version but 2!

Apparently Version 1 they were asking the red-carpteers* who was there favorite super-hero and Version 2 with them asking who is there favorite villan.

Well anyways watch the video and you can see me being a red-carpeteer* along with Aush who just started doing news and traffic. I think it was his third or fourth day of work, so basically he was still wet behind the ears. You can really tell!

*Red-carpeteer -

  1. An individual who walks down the red carpet of an event. But does not include Photographers.

  2. A word created by Moe Nasrul.

8TV One In A Million Final Three Contestants

OIAM 3 Finalists: Tomok, Esther, and Aweera.
Click to enlarge. Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection.

I have to say this season for 8TV's One In A Million, the line up of contestants are a lot more awe-inspiring and electrifying and any other words that could describe just totally awesome. For Example we have Tomok ( on the left of picture) who was once a popular pop star with an extremely nasal singing style which i honeslty hated and now he is all grown up with a new fashion sense and when he sings properly he actually has a powerful grungy-edged voice!

Then we have Esther the only chick left who has a voice that is worthy of super stardom and we have my favorite Aweera. I mean this dude blew me away with his rendition of Enter Sandman by Metallica, a total rocker in and out, pure with no hint of wanting to mesh any other genre, rock in it's truest form. That and all the girls love him cause he got a nice body (yes, i see how you girls look at him).

Oh well they visited Fly Fm for an interview and of course i got a chance to meet them in person and there all actually very down to earth. If they didn't have there faces posted all over Malaysia I'd say they be just your average dudes and gal... but with ass whooping voices

So who will take home the RM1 Million prize? Take Moe Nasrul's poll here:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Memory Lane: Cleo's Bachelor Bash @ Zouk, KL

Photo from Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

If i could relive one night it would be the Cleo's Bachelor Bash that happened Last week on Friday the 24th of April. Had a blast being back stage and hanging with the other bachelors and all of us teasing Henry Golding (bachelor number 49) and Jin (Bachelor number 2) about their little Chippendale type dance... complete with boy ties.

Although i didn't win i didn't really care, it was never about winning for me. It was all for the sake of fun...and for all you women out there :D

Dear Sister

This is your very very long overdue present for getting extremely good result for SPM :)

I love you, Nabilah.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Looking Forward to my trip to Krabi

Map of Krabi and the surrounding areas. Photo courtesy of Weather-Forecast.

Hey peeps,

I can't hardly wait for 1st of May!!!! I'm going to Krabi for holiday that i deserved for all my hardwork. *woot woot* I'm so looking forward. As i'm typing this, all i'm feeling is pure happiness and nothing else.

My excitement was further amplified when I received a package from my significant other today. She bought me L'occitane toiletries set (according to her, she wants me to feel pampered during my holiday), a compact toiletries bag with hanger and drop-down compartments for easy storage for my toiletries, MEN'S HEALTH Magazine for a little R&R on the hammock by the sea.

L'occitane Toiletries: Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath Cream, Bath Gel, Hand Cream, Body Cream, and another cream that helps soothes sun burn :)The L'occitane products smell sooooooo goood. It makes me feel like renting a room in One World Hotel and just start using the bath gel and bath cream! haha

The toiletries bag with hanger and drop-down compartment for organized storage.

Magazine for my R&R.

She even borrowed a luggage bag and passport holder from her boss. And you know what? She even changed Thai Bhat for me.

Leave it to your girlfriend to know that you are incredibly useless at packing. She actually get all this done....AS A SURPRISE! So that i will have a relaxing time ahead.

Leave it to the ladies to plan ahead. She's afraid that i may lose my passport or get mugged in a foreign land, so she got me this:

And printed a list of useful Thailand numbers with international code just in case i do not know how to call. lol

When i called her, thanking her for her effort, i said "So i guessed it's all going to be sun, sea and fun, huh?"

"Not exactly, Bee. It is expected to rain on the 1st to 3rd with scattered thunderstorm in Krabi. Only at night the rain will stop. So it's not going to be all sun and sea...but you can still have fun indoor"

Whoa. Nothing escapes her.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Iljimae TVC on 8TV

Krabi: One Week To Go

Photo courtesy of Krabi Hotel Tour.

I'm leaving for Krabi soon. I haven't traveled for a long time. When i was with the Troopers, i traveled from coast to coast, the peninsular at least. I have the fondest memories traveling with the FLY FM Troopers. We'd start our road tour from Sri Pentas to Penang, then Penang to Ipoh, Ipoh to KL to refill our FLY FM goodies, then down to Malacca, Seremban, and then ended the road tour in JB. This would take two weeks.

Each states that we stopped by, we'd be partying at the hottest night clubs and given pretty special treatment because we're FLY FM Troopers. And we'd be housed in the 4-star hotels. I've tasted the experience of staying on the road for concert tours. It's a nice feeling, really.

So i'm looking forward to Krabi, Thailand. Then Hong Kong in September. So the 'NEW THIS WEEK' on my blog is TRAVEL LOG :)

And the Malaysia Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor 2009 Goes to....

Bachelor No. 49 Henry Golding.

No surprises there.


P/S: More photos and post on the event soon. Meanwhile, listen to me on FLY FM. On weekends, I'm on air from 9am to 12noon (sat) and 4pm to 7pm (Sun).

Yes, I'm one hard working bloke :)

Friday, April 24, 2009


I've been meaning to blog about this.
I can't believe Amylea was eliminated last Friday. I think she deserve to be in the finals.
So who will be eliminated today?
No offense to anyone out there, but i think it is going to be either Nine or Aweera.

Brink Of Law

Yesterday Tsu Ann from 8tv had given me a call 10am in the morning and asked if i was free to do a voice over. I was more than happy to do it and when i arrived at the studio, which is only a couple of floors up from Fly Fm's studio i was briefed about my latest project.

I found out it's for a TV commercial for a show called Brink Of Law, a chinese series on 8TV. It was a real blast recording it because i tried different versions of the script and played around with my voice. Eventually, they went with the more 'hyper-active moe' version. Honesly i thought it would have been cool if they went with a more Preview Guy/Don Lafontaine approach but i guess they needed the youthful element as 8TV is targeted to the urban youth crowd.

Nonetheless here it is for your viewing pleasure. Leave a comment and tell me what you think :D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TVC: Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

I have done a whole lot of voice overs and every now an then i do get my voice put on a TV commercial. Here is one TV commercial i did for a show called "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" on 8TV in late 2008.

The cool thing about this VO was i got to play with the Mic settings to make my voice extra bassey, cause i wanted that Don Lafontaine/Preview guy growl tone :D i think it really fit with the visuals.

Do you think i nailed it?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The HEAT is ON!!!!

Hotlink Surprise

It's been quite a long while that i have posted my radio ads.

Here are the voice overs (VO) i did for Hotlink, both in English and Malay.

I'm getting better at speaking in Malay, I'm so proud of myself that i am no longer a melayu celup.

Check out the Hotlink radio ads. The first one was played on Fly FM. And the second radio ad was played on Hot FM.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Faces Magazine 100th Issue Celebration

Click on photo to enlarge.
Photos are from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

Faces Magazine awhile back had launched their 100th Issue and the party was held at Quatro @ Avenue K. It was an awesome night as i saw alot of familiar faces and a very old friend i haven't seen for five years. Well actually he was a bully but as we grew up we became friends which was kind of ironic.

Whats the full story? well when i was a kid, him and his friends extorted Rm500 from me and beat me up after a school gig. Never saw them for years, then one day i saw them again and i realized how much everyone had changed, no longer the same baddies that they were. I decided to be the bigger man and forgive them. Even when i saw him at the party, he bombarded me with a million apologies and i told him it's in the past we were all young. I guess enemies can make peace after all and i have always felt that forgiving an enemy is a million times harder than taking revenge. The harder path is usually the right one.

Now Back to the event! It was awesome, but as soon as the the clock hit 9 o'clock, which was when i was planning to head on back home to get some shut eye, it started to rain cats and dogs! I don't mean the infamous Quatro four seasons but real rain outside. So i decided to stay and thankfully i did cause the party got livelier as it rained harder.

Ah wish all nights could be an awesome party night.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Status of Rihanna's KL Concert

Photo courtesy of Black Voices Newswire.

Since Rihanna is reportedly resuming her world tour, is she still scheduled to performed in KL?

The latest tour dates and locations on Rihanna's website was in December 08 (wtf?). It is very backdated for an international artist. A quick check on Pineapple Concerts website shows that the replacement date for her concert were supposed to be announced two weeks from February 10th, which was 24th February.

Well, it's been more than seven weeks now. It'll be two months next week. What does the ticket holders have to say?

Would love to know your opinion.

BHPetrol Orange Run

I emceed BHP Petrol's 4th Orange Run. This took place last Sunday, 12th of April, one day after my Cleo Bachelor Speed Date. You know, i didn't sleep at all the night before the event.

On April 11th, i woke up at 7:30am to get ready for my Speed Date at Island Bistro at Pavilion. The event ended at 5pm. I went back for dinner and i was in the studio already prepping for my show on Sunday.

I went back at 4:30am in the morning of April 12th, slept for perhaps a good 15 minutes, got up, took a quick shower, and head off to the Piazza The Curve at 5:30 in the morning.

I was required to be there at 6am till 10am.

So there i was at the wee hours shortly after Subuh prayers, thinking that this is going to be a long day. There were a number of marathon runners there, and the events people were busy getting the booths ready. I took in the still beauty of twilight, the short time after dawn and before the sun hits the horizon.

I wondered when was the last time i was up at this hour to marvel at the beauty. A beauty we often take for granted. It is such a good time for reflection, i thought to myself.

Here are a few good shots of The Curve at twilight.

The Curve at Twilight. Click on photo to enlarge.
Photos from Moe's personal collection.

At seven o clock i see a flock of marathon runners and was amazed at the public response for the marathon. Wow, despite the constant media attention on how unhealthy Malaysian food is, Malaysians do have a healthier lifestyle than we ever give ourselves credit for. Seriously, i never expected the turn out to be this good.

The last two photos were only for the first category, not the entire event.
Click on photo to enlarge. Photos from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

Off goes the runners, in comes the FOOD STALLS!!! And it was all for free.

Seven-UP Revive Isotonic Drink, Nasi Lemak, Kopi and Teh Panas, peanuts, Kampai Non-Alcoholic Fruit Juice (which is really good!) , and eNergy Isotonic Drink. Click photo to enlarge. Photos from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

Cereal, Nescafe, Yeo's H-Two-O, Dutch Lady, Mamee, Corntos. Click photos to enlarge. Photos are from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

I was really having fun at the event. And of course, all good things must come to an end.

Me emceeing and announcing the winners.
Click photo to enlarge. Photos are from Moe Nasrul's collection.

The most amazing thing about this event was I'm actually moved to sign myself up for the next marathon run :)

Kudos to BHP Petrol for organizing yet another round of successful run. Thanks to the F&B sponsors for making this event more fantastic!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The attachment that came with the email. Photo is from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.
Email i just received. Photo is from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

A comment from AntSu.

I don't usually get speechless. But the email and comment from readers and just generally people around me, the support that they have thrown, still overwhelms me to this very day.
I still do not know how to react.

To know that there are people out there who thinks you got the goods--that you deserve a spot in the industry.

And made the effort to collect votes for you.

Wow. Grateful. Thankful.

You'll get to save RM1 from phone SMS and cast your votes for Cleo Bachelors Subsidiary title. To stalk the bachelors, click here to take you to our itinerary page.

Moe Nasrul's Did You Know: Ludacris and Jamie Foxx

Photo courtesy of

Occasionally i like to drop some interesting trivia in my blog because well imagine your whole job involves you looking for interesting facts and stuff that people don't know, then you find something and you get inspired! what should you do? let it fade maybe? the answer is pretty simple: blog about it!! Plus I feel an emotional soft spot to people who started out or are in radio.

well anyways did you know that Ludacris started out as a Radio DJ! yeah that's right he used to be known as DJ Chris Lova Lova on Hot97.5 in Atlanta,USA. Plus did you know that even after making millions he still drives his 1992 Acura Legend to keep himself grounded and down to earth. That's like Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K still driving their first Perodua Kancil (if they ever had one)!!! Hmmm... maybe i should start a career in music.

Ludacris still drives his old 1992 Acura Legend to keep himself Down to Eath. Photo Courtesy of

In other stories, I was recently on and recently Jamie Foxx on his Sirius Radio Show openly made fun of the Miley Cyrus VS Radiohead issue. He then started making fun of Miley and started saying that she got more gums then teeth. OK honestly it sounds terrible but it really did crack me up. Here have a listen for yourself...please do so with an open mind.

If only Malaysian Radio could be as entertaining and just blatantly honest no matter how vulgar! Hmmm...maybe it could.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sneak Peek: Cleo Bachelor 2009 Speed Date

Bachelors briefing. More photos up soon.
Photos from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

You know, never have i been in this situation before. Too much testosterone in such a confined space.

Could i be suffering from testosterone-agoraphobia? Lol.

Although the speed dating event were scheduled at 2:30pm, bachelors were asked to arrive by 10am at Island Bistro, Pavilion KL, for briefing and ice breaking sessions. It was our first time meeting each other after the March photo shoot.

It was quite tense at first, because we were all strangers to one another. But after a few rounds of drinks, we lightened up and were good bros. I'm not in the competition to win (well, of course i do harbor a flicker of hope), but making contacts were my utmost priority.

My Fly FM colleague, Jules hosted the event. It was an exhilarating feeling for me. Cleo readers were given two minutes to get to know the bachelors, basically they were given a number of questions about the bachelors and they would have to find out all in two minutes. Then, after the speed date ended, we chilled with the readers.

At the end of the day, I've made so many friends--bachelors and readers alike.

Kudos to Cleo team for pulling off this successful event. I must say, taking care of 50 bachelors and Cleo readers is not an easy feat.

I enjoyed myself tremendously, and i bet it showed :)

Moe Nasrul Supports Local Music: Bomb Shelter IV

Photos courtesy of Bella Luna.

On April 8th (after a quick cat nap) i went to Cloth & Cleft, Changkat Bukit Bintang, to show my support for Loco and Tech, two of my good friends who performed at this event called Bomb Shelter IV.

Why Bomb Shelter? I don't have the answer to that. Maybe someone will be nice enough to enlighten me? is it because the gig was 'da bomb' ?! OK pretty nineties of me.

I also met Bella Luna, a good friend of Loco and a really good photographer. She took some really good shots of me, when i wasn't looking.

My cousin Iz was there as well to show his support for Loco, who also collaborated in Iz's EP.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ben Ibrahim Website Launch

A few weeks ago my housemate, C.Loco and I had been invited to an awesome party thrown by Ben Ibrahim to launch his brand new website. The whole affair was held at Upstairs on Heritage Row, which was once known as Loft before it rebranded. I guess because everyone kept on referring the upper part of Loft as 'Upstairs', they finally officially called it UPSTAIRS. It's kind of cute and clever at the same time.

It was a very interesting night as both Loco and I had a blast. We had met so many familiar faces from the industry and some from our old group of friends from before i was even in Fly FM, when i was still in University.

It was good to make new contacts with old friends. For some strange reason we all ended up in the same industry! I guess kindred minds attract each oher :D

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cyber Nip and Tuck 1

I've been getting a lot of comments that it's no longer collecting cyber cobwebs, and that my blog now have major interesting content. My blog content before was never properly edited, photos were fugly, the blog seemed directionless and was never tied to myself and what i aspire to be.

For the past three weeks (close to a month now), my blog had undergone major nip and tuck, complete overhaul, and kick-ass revamp procedures.

I have improved my blog's look, style, and content tremendously. From only 6 followers, i see the increase to 16.

The loyal six. Me included :)

Guessed who breathed new life into it? Lol. Thanks Emily and Martin. I have my web content editors who does my proofreading (basically before i post up my blog, Emily will proof read it first. Well, she is a technical writer by profession).

If you find yourself hooked to my blog, here must be the top 10 reason why:

1. Daily Updates
It could be about my day in the studio, events, or plain facebook shoutbox screen shots.

Moe Nasrul in the studio

Facebook Shoutbox

2. Pleasing and professional photo collage
Well, some are from Aush's SLR but most of it are from my K810i.

Photo Collage

3. Weekly Font, Layout, and Header Change

Week 2

Week 3

4. Interactivity: Audio Player and Poll
Featuring my best radio works and polls to get reader's feedback.

Press Play

U Think?

5. Widgets: Recent Comments, Twitter, Connect With Me

Recent Comments. I won't missed a single comments even on my old posts.

Traffic Report on my Twitter page exclusively on honkforupdates.

My recent twitter updates, so that you can know what I'm doing when I'm not blogging.

6. Follower of the Week
My weekly (Wednesday) post, tribute to my friends and readers who signed up as my blog's follower. Note: You need to register yourself as a follower FIRST. Just click on the Follow button on the right pane of the blog.

7. Flash Banner

8. New Stuffs Every Week

First week: Layout change and daily updates
Second week:Follower of the week, flash banner, photo collage
Third week: Twitter, Twitter Updates, Facebook, Fly FM, and Twitter buttons
New This Week: Vote Button, Cleo Header, survey poll, Vblog

9. Proper Labels
By clicking on my labels, you will get to see what are the categories stored under it and be able to see the flow or chain of events. For example, if you click on the Earth Hour label, you will see the posts leading up to the Earth Hour campaign.

10. I'm an Attention Whore
I'll do anything for people to come for a visit :)

The Day The Pagi Show Turned Off The Lights!!!!

In Practice for Earth Hour 2009 which was on the 28th of March, on the 27th FLy Fm's Pagi Show with Jules and Prem had turned off all the lights in the studio. That is right they did the whole show in the dark.

Check out the video and you'll see what i mean!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Formula 1 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

That is right while i was covering the Formula 1 at the Sepang International Circuit I not only took a whole lot of pictures but i had also captured a whole lot of videos.

I've compiled it all together and of course edited it all for you to enjoy. cheers.

P.s. More videos are coming soon.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bachelor Q&A

Hey... Emily just pointed out to me that the Q&A in the Cleo website is different from the one printed in the magazine itself.

Read on and judge me, people...
From the magazine....

From the website.