Saturday, April 25, 2009

And the Malaysia Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor 2009 Goes to....

Bachelor No. 49 Henry Golding.

No surprises there.


P/S: More photos and post on the event soon. Meanwhile, listen to me on FLY FM. On weekends, I'm on air from 9am to 12noon (sat) and 4pm to 7pm (Sun).

Yes, I'm one hard working bloke :)


LeSScAkAp said...



we are the best man!

great time

Moe Nasrul said...

Cheers to that bro :)

LoNeRaNgerSpEaK said...

You're not winning..uhuks..=(

anyway, U are oweys the BEST in ur own way ,moe..=)

Keep it up..

Moe Nasrul said...

thanks :D