Thursday, April 2, 2009

On-Air (without Lights) with Stephanie Chai and Lina Teoh

If you guys listened to the Pagi Show last Friday, a day before the Earth Hour, you guys may have heard Earth Hour Ambassadors Stephanie Chai and Lina Teoh on air with us, dark, in the studio.

I had to read my news in the dark too!

These girls don't need introduction (from foreground to background): Lina Teoh, Stephanie Chai, Jules, and Pagi show producer Amrita.

Our sassy Hunny Madu, Lina Teoh, and Stephanie Chai.

This is how the studio looks like with lights:

According to The Star newspaper, electricity consumption dipped by some 550MW during Earth Hour on Saturday. This is equivalent to the consumption of about 14 million 40-watt fluorescent bulbs. However, demand picked up rapidly at 9.30pm to follow the normal Saturday night pattern.

Two questions i have in mind: what happens now that Earth Hour is over? Will we be inspired to continue and do more?

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