Monday, April 27, 2009

Looking Forward to my trip to Krabi

Map of Krabi and the surrounding areas. Photo courtesy of Weather-Forecast.

Hey peeps,

I can't hardly wait for 1st of May!!!! I'm going to Krabi for holiday that i deserved for all my hardwork. *woot woot* I'm so looking forward. As i'm typing this, all i'm feeling is pure happiness and nothing else.

My excitement was further amplified when I received a package from my significant other today. She bought me L'occitane toiletries set (according to her, she wants me to feel pampered during my holiday), a compact toiletries bag with hanger and drop-down compartments for easy storage for my toiletries, MEN'S HEALTH Magazine for a little R&R on the hammock by the sea.

L'occitane Toiletries: Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath Cream, Bath Gel, Hand Cream, Body Cream, and another cream that helps soothes sun burn :)The L'occitane products smell sooooooo goood. It makes me feel like renting a room in One World Hotel and just start using the bath gel and bath cream! haha

The toiletries bag with hanger and drop-down compartment for organized storage.

Magazine for my R&R.

She even borrowed a luggage bag and passport holder from her boss. And you know what? She even changed Thai Bhat for me.

Leave it to your girlfriend to know that you are incredibly useless at packing. She actually get all this done....AS A SURPRISE! So that i will have a relaxing time ahead.

Leave it to the ladies to plan ahead. She's afraid that i may lose my passport or get mugged in a foreign land, so she got me this:

And printed a list of useful Thailand numbers with international code just in case i do not know how to call. lol

When i called her, thanking her for her effort, i said "So i guessed it's all going to be sun, sea and fun, huh?"

"Not exactly, Bee. It is expected to rain on the 1st to 3rd with scattered thunderstorm in Krabi. Only at night the rain will stop. So it's not going to be all sun and sea...but you can still have fun indoor"

Whoa. Nothing escapes her.

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LoNeRaNgerSpEaK said...

To Mrs Moe - Sooo sweet...=)

To Mr Moe - Hope ur Gf Helped u A lot not to Get Lost in Crabi..=)..Have fun!n Snap more photo of ur holiday..will ya? =)

p/s Bring in back "Ole-Ole"(souvenior) for me..=p hahaha