Thursday, April 30, 2009

8TV One In A Million Final Three Contestants

OIAM 3 Finalists: Tomok, Esther, and Aweera.
Click to enlarge. Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection.

I have to say this season for 8TV's One In A Million, the line up of contestants are a lot more awe-inspiring and electrifying and any other words that could describe just totally awesome. For Example we have Tomok ( on the left of picture) who was once a popular pop star with an extremely nasal singing style which i honeslty hated and now he is all grown up with a new fashion sense and when he sings properly he actually has a powerful grungy-edged voice!

Then we have Esther the only chick left who has a voice that is worthy of super stardom and we have my favorite Aweera. I mean this dude blew me away with his rendition of Enter Sandman by Metallica, a total rocker in and out, pure with no hint of wanting to mesh any other genre, rock in it's truest form. That and all the girls love him cause he got a nice body (yes, i see how you girls look at him).

Oh well they visited Fly Fm for an interview and of course i got a chance to meet them in person and there all actually very down to earth. If they didn't have there faces posted all over Malaysia I'd say they be just your average dudes and gal... but with ass whooping voices

So who will take home the RM1 Million prize? Take Moe Nasrul's poll here:

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