Saturday, April 4, 2009

2009 Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix

Jealous, much? This photo collage are views from the Media Center. Things are so hi-tech it felt as though I was in a CNN news room or something. Photos from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

The media center is one level above the pit stop. Photo is from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

Unfortunately, Nabilah and Loco could not snagged this Media Pass since it has my face on it.

Today i had a mind blowing experience. Now before this i was never really crazy about Formula One (F1) Grand Prix but only a few seconds into Sepang and i wasn't even out of my car yet i heard roaring sounds. Instantly my heart started racing and i wanted to get closer to find out exactly what is that amazingly weird yet powerful sound.

It was the sound of the F1 cars making their practice run for today. The News team and I was escorted via media shuttle to the media center which is just above the Pit Stop! We got to see all the action and tomorrow from 5pm onwards we will see the real deal.

I instantly called Emily and asked her, "Guessed where i am at, babe?". It took her awhile to recognize the roaring, zooming sound on the background. But the moment she did, she started going a little crazy and passed her phone to her colleagues to get her colleagues to have a listen to the sound.


I guess I'm now officially a fan. I'm going to get shirts, hats, gloves, and all the she-bang *lol*

No, seriously. I'll even get a F1 car four-post bed.


eMilyism said...

wow bee I'm jealous!! The media centre looks really awesome and it looks like from where you were standing, you get a very good view of the event.

Moe Nasrul said...

yeah we did :D