Monday, April 20, 2009

Faces Magazine 100th Issue Celebration

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Photos are from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

Faces Magazine awhile back had launched their 100th Issue and the party was held at Quatro @ Avenue K. It was an awesome night as i saw alot of familiar faces and a very old friend i haven't seen for five years. Well actually he was a bully but as we grew up we became friends which was kind of ironic.

Whats the full story? well when i was a kid, him and his friends extorted Rm500 from me and beat me up after a school gig. Never saw them for years, then one day i saw them again and i realized how much everyone had changed, no longer the same baddies that they were. I decided to be the bigger man and forgive them. Even when i saw him at the party, he bombarded me with a million apologies and i told him it's in the past we were all young. I guess enemies can make peace after all and i have always felt that forgiving an enemy is a million times harder than taking revenge. The harder path is usually the right one.

Now Back to the event! It was awesome, but as soon as the the clock hit 9 o'clock, which was when i was planning to head on back home to get some shut eye, it started to rain cats and dogs! I don't mean the infamous Quatro four seasons but real rain outside. So i decided to stay and thankfully i did cause the party got livelier as it rained harder.

Ah wish all nights could be an awesome party night.

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