Friday, April 3, 2009

These Two Girls Made My Day

Thanks Hannah and Khatijah.

Friends, readers, and family:

To reiterate what i have previously written, the Cleo Bachelor 2009 website is up and you get to leave comments about what you think about us or you can post any questions you like for your favourite bachelor there too.

You'll get to save RM1 from phone SMS and cast your votes for Cleo Bachelors Subsidiary title.

Unfortunately, you won't get to vote for The Most Eligible Bachelor on the webpage. You need to mail the entry form which you can obtain from the magazine to Cleo. Details are provided on my banner above....including pencil-ing Bachelor No.6 as your Most Eligible Bachelor *lol*.

If you haven't bought your copy of Cleo (April issue) but dying to know who made the bachelor cut, click here to view all the 50 bachelors and their Q&As. The html page is actually a carbon copy of the magazine itself.

To stalk the bachelors, click here to take you to our itinerary page. You guys will get to throw us with your wicked lines, get to speed date with us, and to party with us.

Special thanks to the sponsors and Cleo team for organizing this yearly event. This is one of the most prestigious award for Malaysian bachelors out there.

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Shahrol Mazian Shuib, GPM SK Telok Bahang said...

i m 100% agree with the two girls...Moe is...'sedap suaranya....' im trying to put flyfm link on my school blog...

to Moe, this is what i wrote on my school blog about you...thanks again, we'll sure visit u again next year for our school trip and of course will listen to flyfm.

"...we went to hotfm during our school trip to Kuala Lumpur at 25 - 27th June 2009. The overwhelming welcomed was a bit surprise to us...i would express my gratitude to Moe Nasrul for showing us around at hotfm and we managed to meet Tini & Zura as well....on a whole u guys are great... now it is confirmed that i m your 'peminat'....will listen to flyfm yahh..!!!!

...want to know more about Moe...this is his blog URL.

...this is Moe's background... "

all the best to MOE NASRUL.