Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Moe Nasrul and C.loco collabo?

A funny thing happened three hours ago. I was hanging out with C.Loco my house mate and former member of Poetic Ammo and was talking random things, then suddenly both of us had this itchy gotta-write-a-song-feeling that most musicians get after a reasonable hiatus.

Then Loco was like 'you know lets write that song we've been talking about writing', basically for a year or so we've been fooling around with the idea of writing a song together. I said 'definitely man. lets bring this idea to life bro.' yes i know my words sound a bit cliche on the written pixel text but i swear it sounded cool when said it.

Once we got Home Loco realized he got some really cool beats already from...well since he's writing rap songs and red-carpeteering with Poetic Ammo days. The only problem? It's in his old computer. Thus began the putting together of the old little machine.

So after the deed was done, i tuned my guitar and we started jamming. And finally we actually came up with a possible song. A diamond in the rough but with a little polishing and serious studio time it could be a shining jewel.

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