Friday, April 3, 2009


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Photo is taken from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

My girl, her twin, Alex and girlfriend came all the way down from Penang to watch 8TV's One In A Million (OIAM) Season 3 live in Sri Pentas 2, Plaza Alam Sentral just last friday.

I wasn't feeling really well (was having awful fever) but since my girl was in town and her gang wanted to watch OIAM live, and since i didn't have the pass, i had to basically gatecrashed the show by asking one of the 8TV crews to grant me and my troops entry.

It wasn't that hard to get it last year. Emily and i went practically every week last season to support my cousin Iz. Not even once Emily was asked to show her pass. Mine was a different story. I was on duty as a Fly FM Trooper. Troopers had to give freebies and conduct games during commercial breaks.

But this time, the show has a big surge of audience, mostly supporting Rizu, Tomok, Amylea, and Fify. We were asked to sit at Simon's area (he doesn't have that many supporters).

It was my first time watching OIAM 3. After the show, i was convinced that this is by far the best season ever. Watching Esther live in the studio with industrial-grade sound systems is different than on TV. You missed out a lot on her vocal range. Rizu's voice was big and his falsetto is flawless. He is AWFULLY small. And Esther isn't that big a girl. In fact, she is just nice.

Tomok just plain oozing stage presence. I cannot believe that it is the same Tomok from the annoying New Boys. Amylea's voice actually has more power than i hear on YouTube. Simon...well, he just lacks the X-factor but he has good voice.

The competition is really tough as all of the contestants have to show their creativity in making their chosen songs originally theirs.

Based on the show i watched last week, here is my prediction:

1. Tomok
2. Esther
3. Amylea

This three is going to be in the finals.

Next to be eliminated:
1. Simon (this week)
2. Nine (next week)
3. Aweera (next next week)
4. Rizu (next next next week)
Oh hey! Tomok FC Official T-shirt spotted!

Photo taken from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

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