Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Now just waiting.

Thats right just waiting for my time to go on air...

oh and here is a cool cover of mag i saw...

hehehehehehe :D ok ok it's full on fake... can't a traffic dude have some fun.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Me in the car... stuck in the jam around One Utama Last night... yes sometimes us traffic people do get caught in jams... you know whats worse than being stuck in a jam? knowing that there is a jam and going through it. It really is a mind killer.

well anyways... here are some "Duit Raya" envelops the gave us at the station... it got all the media prima celebrities... except me.... oh when will the day come :(

P.s. coming soon... pictures of when Alisha and ME interviewed the D.E.Y!!! although have to wait for Alish to send me the pictures... anytime now Alisha :P

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Got cut off.

There is no line in the studio...can't call out...need phone. Well anyways i was trying to get a message to my girl. I could send a message or e-mail...but for some reason this is faster and alot more fun;-) ... my contact with the outside world from within.

Currently doing the raya traffic.

Yup doing the same thing yesterday all over again :D here are a few videos on youtube that i came across that made me laugh my guts out during those 45 minutes in between traffic reports.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Moe mad! Or insane.

Finally it's over. 12 plus plus hours of traffic. I'll doing the raya traffic again tomorrow:( better get some sleep.

The Raya Traffic Report on Saturday.

Yup the time is near for Hari Raya... and here i am in the studio at about 7pm having been in the studio since 5:30pm... yup in the morning.

every top of the hour i have been giving the latest in traffic... It was actually harder than i figured it would be because well... it's saturday for starters... then everyone is on leave because even my traffic sources are going back to their home town... so it makes my life just a bit harder.

But i've had time in between hours, when there really is nothing to except record my sleepy self and babble away. Plus i had a call from somebody that really ruined my day... more on the video :D hope you guys enjoy it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The guitar in the studio...

For no other reason than to maintain my creative juices...i had brought my guitar to work...why?

cause i've been hit with a creative bug the last few days and i've been writing songs after song...and i record them on my phone so i could work on it better later on...

when i'm done i'll probably sample here... for all you guys to hear :D

P.s. Renee i didn't cam whore this one :D eheheheheheheheeh

and for future reference just in case the C-box refreshes itself... here is the comment left in the C-box so that my statement to Renee stays in context lol :D

"Moe Nasrul: guilty as charged:D
26 Sep 08, 11:42
renee: hahaha you camwhore alot wei!!! =P"

The eventful weekend...Part 3

My younger sis officially became seventeen. boy time flies and how i become older... and older :( I had also decided to take some cool pictures of the garden at my parents place... check it out :D

The Garden shots...

The eventful weekend...Part 2

well here is part 2 of what happened during one of the busiest of weekends. First off on Saturday morning i had gone for an audition at WASP studios for potential VO work and of course I carpooled with Alisha cause she was heading there as well. Cheaper and saves the enviroment :D going green people, going green.

My shots of Wasp...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

8 mile anyone?

One of the few times i wear a jacket with a hoody...peace dawg :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

The eventful weekend...Part 1

As promised here are some pictures of my weekend. On Saturday, I had attended the Berbkua Puasa with Fly Fm's winners for the' Fly Fm Berbuka Puasa with the Announcers'.

Here is the food spread at Cinnamon Cafe, One World Hotel...although first.. Phat Fabes, Hani Madu and Steve... (Note: feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge it... especially the long Panoramic one (one of my favorite shots))

Random thought.

As i pass by a bus stop on the way to my car a thought came to me.
What if i travelled around by bus? Would it save cash and the world environment? And assuming that it's at least decently reliable why don't many people use it or why don't people carpool?
Why don't i do there things? Is having a car and driving it solo everyday a real necessity or a status symbol or of individuality.
I mean generally it's less headache...i mean at least the ones caused by being in a jam. You could read a book or in my case blog, even talk on the phone without being pulled over. It's something to ponder about.
I think i may want to further expand this thought. More later on.

Now just paying my bills.

Now just walking around taman tun, first off to use the maxis kiosk there and now heading to my car. I had taken lots of pictures of my weekend and will upload them once i get back home.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A look at my past.

For some reason i was thinking about my childhood in Honolulu, Hawaii all those years back... I recently googled the two schools i went to which was Ala Wai Elemtary School and Washington Middle School : Home of the Eagles!!! and basically i cam across these photos for all those that never grew up in Hawaii...

The Ala Wai Canal next to the Elementary School... Actually had a classmate that feel into it.

For those of you that got better pics Even Mo' Bettah den cud e-mail me please so i can feel all nostalgic like all Da'kine. Feeling a lil too Haole need something to make me remember how to feel like a Kama'aina make me Huli Huli my brains out :D

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Going green?

Well Hafiz (now the DJ for Must Have 10am - 1pm) and Azrin from the Fly Fm sales team( hope i spelled here name right). Just came in and stuck save energy stickers everywhere. the One on my face was voluntary:p