Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Trip to Penang.

Well here is the long delayed post about my Penang trip over the weekend. So first all as a summary (before i tell ya the story through pictures, which is alot more fun) I had made a Vblog for this post recording when i was donating blood in Penang... so check it out... it's right below :D

Saturday Morning... Followed Emily to Perodua to get here parts for here Viva replaced... apparently the had a recall of some parts. Not sure which part.

Then there was the trip to Glean Eagles Hospital in Penang... where we were all planning to donate blood to give back to the hospital after Julia's Grandmother (she is the one in black below looking at all the pastries) had a blood tranfusion or something of the sort... wasn't sure of the details.

Above would be Alex... Emily's co-worker and friend...soming to donate blood.
and below me donating blood... plus the Vlog :D

Filling up the paper work

testing my blood type...which i thought was the actual blood donating part... apparently not...

and Of course... me and my shoe shots... why? cause what shoes i wear reflect my mood... so all white... hmmm i wonder what that means :D

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