Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rina Omar's Tiger show

The Malayan Tiger is a nationalistic treasure and in endanger of being extinct.  What happens once the Malayan Tiger is gone? Well I think a really good friend of mine Rina Omar can tell you in this video:

This is all part of the TX2 campaign by WWF that aims to double the Malayan Tiger population and they are looking for a celebrity to lead it! Of course very democratically they want us the public to vote for the celebrity and based on this video I'll vote Rina Omar and so should you :D

Click Here to vote :)

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jamie Oliver's food revolution

  Another night of internet surfing after finishing 8tv Night Live had lead me to stumble across something very interesting.

I'm sure we all have heard of Jamie Oliver the chef who has a cooking show that helps us, the not so talented cook make something really decent to impress our friends, family or maybe even that hot girl your trying to get on good terms with. Then came the show where Jamie Oliver went on a little crusade to help kids in schools eat better because of the junk that the school menus are filled with.

For those of you guys that have never experienced school lunches outside of Malaysia, In the UK and USA the school food is standardized and basically unlike canteens here at your schools you don't really have much choice of what food to eat and most of the food are unhealthy burgers, Pizzas and other fast food junk. In Malaysia from what I've seen is that we have a much healthier choice of food believe it or not filled with more greens, veggies and fruits mostly in the form of fruits with asam powder or rojak which are lacking in western schools. At least we know that food wise we might be ahead of the curve.

Anyways back to point, obesity among children is a big issue in the USA and UK and I never realized this until one of mom's professor friend from the USA came to visit us a few years back and commented that children here in Malaysia look like "real" children. I of course asked "what do you mean? Are the kids in the USA some kind of freaky alien hybrid?" as you can see I've always had my wit and weird sense of humor since ever. He replied that out of every five kids four would be severely over weight. At that point of time it never really meant anything to me and I just laughed and was slightly (ok very) proud how our Asian kids look way better than American kids. Now it seems the problem is being addressed by Jamie Oliver and he has set out on a mission to Washington with a million signatures to support his cause.

check out this video from Ryan Seacrests Youtube channel:

P.s. Yes I grew up in the states and yes I was a fat kid too at one point of time. But I gotta thank my parents for forcing me to do sports and mostly cooking Malaysian food at home :D thanks Umi and Abi (that's what I call my parents)

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Songwriting 101

  Hey guys and gals, fellow musicians and everyone who has supported me and the show that i'm hosting 8tv Nite Live.

I just returned from a fantastic night of doing yet another show for this week :D Mike and I did some crazy stuff during the show and find out what it is on Catch Up TV :D The show hasn't been uploaded yet but I'm sure by the end of this wonderful monday it will be so here is the link for you guys to check out :D

Now moving on to cooler stuff, if your a musician and wonder how to write a really nice song and are stuck with chord progressions that just doesn't fit... here is a webpage called which goes in depth to all the common chord progressions that made a popular song sound good! Basically these chord progressions are called "The Money Chord" cause they just produce the most awesome sounding masterpieces. so check out for a brief 101 into music theory :D

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

No Barbie Girl in this one...

  I was discussing music with a good friend Tarachin a few days back and she had told me Aqua the band known for that infectious and memorable song known as the Barbie Girl song has come out with a new song.

I looked at her weirdly like "ok why would we be discussing Aqua?" she then told me that she was shocked that they had completely reinvented themselves and they sound darker....and well... hear it for yourself...Let me know if you found it as socking as I did :D

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Thursday, April 22, 2010


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Thank you to all! and my journey along the "Transit of Venus" and the "Paku" along the way

I've met some really wonderful people recently who have hopped on my musical journey. First and foremost I would like to thank all that have supported the song Bintang which was done by C.Loco and I. All of the love that I get from each and every comment I channel into my creative zone to create bigger and better things for everyone to enjoy.

If you haven't heard it yet here is the unplugged version which is being nominated for The Bliss Award category for AVIMA.

As I continue on this journey I am joined by Kristie Addison from the band Transit of Venus, a well known New Zealand band. Here is she is rocking with Transit of Venus :

The next person to join me on this road to that wonderful Rock City where all dreams come true, is Riz whom was formerly from the band Paku. First time I met this guy was almost ages ago when I was 19 and we were in different bands, way before my radio and tv career. Even before my days as a FLY FM MyVi Trooper. He was notorious for wearing a cowboy hat during gigs... can you spot him in this music video?

More to come ladies and gentlemen, as the journey is not yet finished. More stories to tell and moments to experience. What keeps me going you might ask? It's the fact that you are all on the journey with me. Thank you very much each and everyone of you :D

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Songs from another part of the world.

It's weird where you have moments where suddenly the world opens up to you and you find out that there are other colors, smells, taste and sounds different from the ones your used to.

I had my moment when I came across this music video by a rapper from Iran named Hichkas. Something about his lyrics and energy struck me. Have a listen and tell me what do you think?