Monday, April 26, 2010

Songwriting 101

  Hey guys and gals, fellow musicians and everyone who has supported me and the show that i'm hosting 8tv Nite Live.

I just returned from a fantastic night of doing yet another show for this week :D Mike and I did some crazy stuff during the show and find out what it is on Catch Up TV :D The show hasn't been uploaded yet but I'm sure by the end of this wonderful monday it will be so here is the link for you guys to check out :D

Now moving on to cooler stuff, if your a musician and wonder how to write a really nice song and are stuck with chord progressions that just doesn't fit... here is a webpage called which goes in depth to all the common chord progressions that made a popular song sound good! Basically these chord progressions are called "The Money Chord" cause they just produce the most awesome sounding masterpieces. so check out for a brief 101 into music theory :D

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