Saturday, November 29, 2008

The lil elf...

Last night had dinner with family at the curve. It was a really fun dinner as we told jokes and shared stories about what happened in between now and the previous family outing.

After dinner we all took pictures and this one makes me smile the most of my baby sis. Mainly because she looks almost exactly like the elf behind her...big cute baby eyes and all.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The collage...

Came into the office just now and was greeted by a nice collage made by Aush (with Alisha's help?...i'll ask later).

It's all the pictures of the past week when we hung out together for lunch. Ya know really glad to work with such awesome people that seem more like family rather than co-workers. Although like family at times we drive each other nuts lol.

Got my ticket to Penang and will be spending the weekend there. So nice to take a break after three weeks of non-stop working and no weekends...but don't get me wrong i love what i do. Ya know maybe thats why we here at fly are so tight nit, cause we're all in the same boat and like soldiers facing hardship bond together. A very human emotion.

As some of you may know Amrita is also the weekend and pre-dawn announcer :) really happy for her cause i know how she loves to be on air. Plus i love her voice hehehe.

In other news,the day is shiny and bright.may happy days keep on coming.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another lunch Hangout

Since yesterday it seems a tradition we wanna keep doing is where we would go out to lunch together. Helps with team spirit and all.

Today we met up with karilyn who used to intern with fly. Thats her on my right, then
Amrita producer and weekend announcer and Alisha .

Monday, November 24, 2008

The glowing tube...

I spent close to two hours in front of the tube and i realised this was the longest time i spent watching tv in ... Well can't remember when was the last time i did this...watching
Dvd's that doesn't count cause you know that a movie is roughly two hours long...three if it's lord of the rings...

Not that i didn't have a tv or something like that...just that...not really sure. Maybe to busy living in the real world?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hey we're with iron man and james bond

Iz and me at the anniversary

The red carpet...

Aush and me at ok mag's 3rd anniversary

Travel fair part 2

Man it's really really hot ... By the way that's my man ikwan from hot fm and puva the networks sales exec... A.k.a the money makers... Coming up later Ok! Magazine's 3rd anniversary at zouk,kl...

Travel fair.

Straight after the morning news shift me and aush dropped by travel fair wierd our fellow hot fm team is doing an outdoor broadcast...more pictures and updates to come

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New dude.

Thats right there is a new addition to the fly news and traffic team...thats him looking like the pringles man. And yes that's Alisha in the background.
by the way his name is Aush (pronounced ouch but replace the 'Ch' with 'Sh')...
coming soon to air waves near you :D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Now at thirty four's launch of their new line of bags...

Scroll down to see more pics :)

Me, juls what was her name:(

How they tattoo thedesign on the bags

I think i've seen her before but can't remember where.

Now at the thirty four launch of their bag.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

One buck short!

The blades of fury.


There Hafiz and ceo


Prem horsein' around


Hafiz disturbing a lil kid...

The kid was so cute!

Lol bunkface...

There's the bunk putting their faces on the glass and acting

At flyniversary!

Thats right ecaz...someone who always visits my blog is here as well! Totally rocking party!


At the site of fly fm's 3rd flyniversary...yeah!

Going to audition

The confident smile;-)


After my news this morning, i went home to take a quick shower and get myself all dressed up to go for my audition at popiah pictures. Popiah pictures produces the ever famous kopitiam that launched the career of joanna bessey,lina teoh,nicholas ong,and rashid salleh. One of the latest offerings from Popiah pictures is the series ghost on NTV 7, in which i am auditioning for a role in. Right after this i'll head home for a quick bite and get to one utama for flynniversary. Cant believe that fly is three and i am one with fly. It was my second day of work at the second flynniversary

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bunk face in the studio!

Thats right! Here is Amrita and i taking a picture with the extremely hyper Bunkface... Man and i thought i was hyper.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On my way to work...

This was moments after i returned back to my place to freshen up and get some snooze before getting back to the studio for the evening traffic...

Wow working double shifts to cover Alisha as she is really doing a number on my sleep cycle... but hope is there as we will be getting a third news presenter soon... hope that would be the end of double shifts.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Female 50 Gorgeous People.

Yesterday I had gone to the Female 50 Gorgeous People event that happened at One Utama (well actually went to the after party and met them all there...all at Italiannies)

and her are some pictures of all the gorgeous guys and gals...

But first the Fly People. Alpha-Red, Hafiz, Azreen from Sales and Shida...

Juls, Allison, and Steven (A.k.A Zhiven)

The Beautiful people...

Some of the contestants... guys name is Paul i think and the i forgot...
Yup my old friend from Penang Randal Westwood was in the competition as well.

And today Danya and Daniel (i hope i spelled their names correct) the winners of Female 50 Gorgeous people came down to the studio and hung out.

Man i look like crap... been up since 5 this morning.. sue me peepz :D

Prem looks so...erm...phat in this one :P

In other things that happened...

Hani recording the Campur Chart on Sundays show...

with Random new artist dude... can't remember his name.