Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh yeah sure... blame the shows.

I came across this article which said that Teenage girls who watch Sex and the City, Friends and other shows with sexual content had a high pregnancy rate due to sexual content in the show and blah blah.

well the reason why i'm blogging about this is because i think that it is completely stupid. First of all it sounds all to familiar because in the nineties everything from Grunge to Rap music, to Marilyn Manson was blamed for the wrong doings of their fans.

I find it stupid because everyone has a choice and everyone is free to do good, bad or something in between. Everyone does things by choice.

My explanation to the high pregnancy rate of teenage girls? has anyone ever think that such a show attracts and not influence girls who are probably already sexually active?Like Marilyn Manson's music attracts the twisted minded? or rap music attracts the "gangsta" youth?!

It's simple the music or show doesn't influence you, it merely appeals to a certain demographic.

Further more, most of the girls i know that got pregnant in their teens never watched Sex and the City... we might as well blame it on the biology text books since that was the main source of sex information at the time.

I just think that it is taking the easy way out to put the blame on others. Instead of looking at the show causing the problem, we should look at why the show is attracting such teens. Then at least that would be interesting.

here is the link to the article...

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