Friday, November 28, 2008

The collage...

Came into the office just now and was greeted by a nice collage made by Aush (with Alisha's help?...i'll ask later).

It's all the pictures of the past week when we hung out together for lunch. Ya know really glad to work with such awesome people that seem more like family rather than co-workers. Although like family at times we drive each other nuts lol.

Got my ticket to Penang and will be spending the weekend there. So nice to take a break after three weeks of non-stop working and no weekends...but don't get me wrong i love what i do. Ya know maybe thats why we here at fly are so tight nit, cause we're all in the same boat and like soldiers facing hardship bond together. A very human emotion.

As some of you may know Amrita is also the weekend and pre-dawn announcer :) really happy for her cause i know how she loves to be on air. Plus i love her voice hehehe.

In other news,the day is shiny and bright.may happy days keep on coming.

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