Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cleo Bachelors 2009 Website

Photo courtesy of Cleo Bachelor 2009 website.

Hey guys,

Got an email from Ain, the editorial assistant for Cleo. She has just informed all us Bachelors through email that the Cleo Bachelors 2009 website is ready.

You guys should really check it out. You get to leave comments about what you think about us or you can post any questions you like for your favourite bachelor there too. And by the way, thanks Khatijah! You made my day :)

You'll get to save RM1 from phone SMS and cast your votes for Cleo Bachelors Subsidiary title. I think the nearest that i have a shot for is "Bachelor with a Wicked Way With Words". I hate to admit this but i have a feeling female readers are rooting for Henry Golding to win the "The Tastiest-Looking Bachelor", if not the Most Eligible Bachelor. Seriously, no one, not even me, holds a candle against him.

Unfortunately, you won't get to vote for The Most Eligible Bachelor on the webpage. You need to mail the entry form which you can obtain from the magazine to Cleo. Details are provided on my banner above....including pencil-ing Bachelor No.6 as your Most Eligible Bachelor *lol*.

If you haven't bought your copy of Cleo (April issue) but dying to know who made the bachelor cut, click here to view all the 50 bachelors and their Q&As. The html page is actually a carbon copy of the magazine itself.

To stalk the bachelors, click here to take you to our itinerary page. You guys will get to throw us with your wicked lines, get to speed date with us, and to party with us.

Special thanks to the sponsors and Cleo team for organizing this yearly event. This is one of the most prestigious award for Malaysian bachelors out there.

Sunday Brunch @ Basil, Bangsar Village

Click to enlarge. Photo is taken from Moe's private collection.

This is a random post, memories of my welcoming brunch for Arif and Emilia, who came to KL together with my girl.

Emilia wanted to watch OIAM Season 3. Arif was here for a business trip. On Sunday, Emily and I took the couple for a Thai brunch. It was a coin toss between Indian Nirwana Maju and Thai Basil. And Arif fancied Thai.

The tom yam was awesome and hit the spot. But the other dishes (we ordered fried kailan, pandan chicken, and Pla Tot which is fried fish in Thai) were average.

The girls then went shopping around the boutiques in Bangsar and us dudes chilled in the bar :)

I hope you guys had as much fun. And despite me having recurring fever every two hours or so, i was glad i took the time off to see you guys.

They Call Themselves the Malaysian Archangels

Click on photo to enlarge.
This photo is taken from Moe Nasrul's private collection.

Talk about obsessive david disorder!

The super fans of David Archuleta in Malaysia had gathered and found the Malaysian Arch Angels to make their voices heard.

The Archangels are nice enough to send us pretty cupcakes with Fly FM logo, names of our DJs, and David Archuleta's name on the cup cakes. I'm not too sure but i think the flowers are from them too.

Talk about a good way to publicize yourself. See right after these delicious cupcakes and pretty bouquet of flowers, we're hooked! In fact, we mentioned the Malaysian Arch Angels in our David Archuleta's Showcase promo script and you might have heard it on the radio.

Bouquet of flowers photo collage with DJ Jules and Adam.
Click on photo to enlarge. Photo is taken from Moe Nasrul's private collection.

Fans of David Cook...where are you at?

P/S: Is Archuleta the first American Idol contestant to come to Malaysia?

Monday, March 30, 2009

David Archuleta's Malaysian Showcase

Photo courtesy of Fly FM.

The famous American Idol (AI) wonder kid is coming to Malaysia! I'm a bigger fan of David Cook because I'm a rocker myself (for some strange reason i hear my girlfriend's cousin, Nicole, going 'YES!' in my head) but that doesn't mean that i am not excited that Archuleta is coming to our home turf.

David Archuleta's Showcase will be held on the 11th of April 2009 at Sunway Amphitheather at 3pm. I won't be able to go for the event as i have my Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelor Speed Dating event.

Fly FM is giving away two PASSES (to each caller) to David Archuleta's Showcase. Just be the 7th caller through when we give you the cue to call (03-7724-1144) for Fly FM’s Crush on David Archuleta. All you have to do is scream and shout like you’re already at the showcase and you are on your there!

If you don't want to miss out on the cue to call, here, I'll help you guys out. If you are in the office or in your school's computer lab and you are on my blog, click on the following button, the Fly FM 'Listen Live' page appears. Click on the appropriate button for browser settings and voila! you won't miss a single cue to call, even if you are in school or work.

If you have a question you've always wanted to ask David Archuleta, you can submit your question here and you might be able to ask him the question yourself :)

Viral Fever...

viral fever is aweful... I was sick over the weekend and has yet to recover. Plus, I'm feeling heavily sedated from the cough medicine. I guessed my recovery rate is somewhat slow as i had to be in the freezing, sub-zero studio to be on air for my weekend shifts.

By the way, until further notice, i will be on air on saturday from 9am to 12 noon, and on sunday from 4pm to 7pm.

The doctor gave me a whole lot medications. I swear it's like the moment you walked in, they give you everything on their shelf and have you pay for it.

I literally walked out with a bag of medicines, I felt like a drug dealer or something *lol*

Even when i am sick, i still have tons to update. I'll update more photos and posts soon.

Coming up on this blog:

1. Moe Nasrul's Vblog: Doing my traffic in the dark for Earth Hour.

2. Fly FM's Pagi Show: Stephanie Chai and Lina Teoh in the studio as the Earth Hour Ambassadors.

3. David Archuleta's Malaysian Showcase and Malaysian Archangel.

4. 8TV's One In A Million (OIAM) Season 3.

5. Ben Ibrahim's Website Launch Party.

6. Faces Magazine 100th Issue Party.

7. Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelor.

Friday, March 27, 2009

8TV's One In A Million tonight

Flier courtesy of 8TV
I'm excited today because Emily is coming down to KL (Kuala Lumpur) along with Emilia (who is the follower of the week) and Alex. Later on tonight we plan to watch the Live recording of 8TV's One In A Million. It's getting really interesting as the line up is now shortened to only the top 7!!

Will definately update on a later post with the latest pictures.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Use Blackle Search Engine

In the midst of my excitement for being nominated as one of the most eligible bachelor in town, let's not forget that we are celebrating Earth Hour with the rest of the world this Saturday.

As promised (that i will post an Earth Hour article daily), here is one article or tips about taking small steps to save energy everyday.

Since i am always online, my girl suggested that i start using Blackle search engine and make it my homepage. Blackle saves energy by displaying a black-colored background for search result pages. According to its website, our monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen.

That actually make a lot of sense. However, Blackle comes under criticism that it does not save as much energy as reported.

Despite the controversy that Blackle saves minimal energy, i'll still be using Blackle since i spend a huge portion of my time online. On top of that, i will be changing my blog layout to black next week.

Save a little better than not doing anything, right?

I'm Officially One of the Most Eligible Bachelor in Town

Ecahz Mieqa and Moe Nasrul's Wall-to-Wall on Facebook.

It was then that i called up Basil (Fly FM DJ who were also selected for the competition) and told him that the new issue of Cleo is out.

He hasn't seen it yet.

I didn't want to jump my guns before i see the magazine. I smsed Aileen, Cleo's sub-editor, and she was playing coy and teasing me.

"I'm not telling...", she said. "Go and get the magazine. It's been out for three days".

I put my pants on and went on foot to the nearest seven-eleven.

YES! I saw Cleo with Britney Spears on the cover. I picked it up and was crestfallen. It's the MARCH issue. I need Miss April.

"Bro, is the new issue of Cleo out?", I asked the cashier with a tinge of desperation in my voice, willing the cashier to say yes.

"No not yet. slalu dalam tengah bulan baru ada".

What? I can't wait that long. I need to confirm it now!

I then went to Newsplus at the nearest LRT. While driving, i got an sms from Aileen that said "By the way, you look good in it :)".

I was already on the edge of my seat by the time i finished reading the sms.

Ran,ran,ran i went to the Newsplus store...

...and there it was...

The latest copy of Cleo magazine.

Cover of Cleo Magazine April 2009 issue. Photo from Moe Nasrul's private collection.

And yes, I'm bachelor number 6 :).

Click on the photo to enlarge and read the Q&A portion. Photo from Moe Nasrul's private collection.

Special thanks to the Cleo team, especially to Aileen for constantly entertaining my annoying smses (am I in the top 50, Aileen?) and remained tight-lipped about it to keep me in suspense. And a HUGE HUGE HUGE Thank you to Ecahz for prompting me about it on Facebook.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What is Your Company Doing at Earth Hour

Starbucks is going as green as its logo. A snap shot of Starbuck's homepage.

According to one of Starbucks' partner who is also my guitarist Jean/Glacius (if you see Glacius working at Borders The Curve, say *woot Woot*) Starbucks is going to switch off unused lights around its respected stores' premises at Earth Hour.

No...they won't be shutting down the espresso machines, blenders, grinders, oven, etc. so you can still enjoy your favourite brew of the day with minimal lighting.

Remember, Saturday, March 28th, at 8:30pm is Earth Hour :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 1: Follower of the Week

I've finally decided who is the first follower of the week:

~**Drum roll please **~

It's Emilia a.k.a Emilia Mills!!!!

~** Clap Clap**~

Mills is my girlfriend's twin sister. Mills is a technical writer in an MNC, an avid blogger who loves literature, online games (she gives away free e-books and games every once in a while on her blog), and an animal lover. She has a pet cat named King Kong, a fat black neutered cat, and another cat named Butet. She evidently favors King Kong more since she has a tag labelled King Kong on her blog, a nice profile photo of her and King Kong on her profile, and she talks about King Kong as though King Kong is her kid, not pet. Recently, Mills has turned vegetarian after watching a bull torture-and-slaughter documentary on Majalah 3.

Why she is the follower of the week?
She is the first registered follower, surpassing my girlfriend. Sorry sayang, there is a pecking order for this and i have to be fair. But i'll treat you to your favourite butter pecan ice-cream this saturday, ok?

Mills also leaves a lot of comments on my posts and chat box to keep things warm in this cyberspace even when my posts were unwitty or dry. That is why she is an obvious choice!

Mills is a blogger who is both witty and clever. I just plain love going to her blog and get myself ready to be enlightened, or to enjoy a well-written joke. For example, she gave her two cents worth on this TV programme and described it to a T. Best quote from that post? "I was raped.....intellectually". Seriously, there isn't a dull moment about her posts.

I know my future sister-in-law has a heart of gold. Last year, to celebrate her birthday, she organized a blog charity drive to collect food, toys, clothes, and money for the needy. Her two months long blog campaign managed to raise RM3,000 in money and boxes and boxes of toys and food. It was all donated to the St. Joseph's Orphanage Home in Penang. I was there to show my support for her charity drive where i was the game master for the games we set up for the children.

So Mills, CONGRATULATIONS *woot woot* and a big HUG to you for always supporting my endavours, for always accomodating me whenever this I'm in Penang. As a huge thank you, I'm giving you two tickets to watch "Watchmen".

*Gasp* That's the surprise. See? It pays to follow and support. I am always grateful.

Max Payne (The Movie)

Photo courtesy of Movie Poster Addict.

I'm not that fortunate to do VO for the video game :(
But here is the radio ad :)

Saving the World for One Hour...

To countdown to Earth Hour, Fly FM's 'Must Have Music' segment is playing acoustics, unplugged version of today's must have music. Tune into Fly FM and join us to support Earth Hour. Photo courtesy of Fly FM.

It is 4 days, 4 hours and 44 minutes till Earth Hour (as of this writing).

To countdown to Earth Hour, which will be celebrated at 8:30pm on the 28th of March (this Saturday), i'll be writing a post daily about Earth Hour and what is represents--the effects of global warming and ways we can do to conserve energy.

Everyone in the studio is doing there part. Even the Media Prima TV and Radio Station are shutting down for an hour to show support for the Earth Hour campaign. We're talking total shutdown for an hour. NTV7, 8TV, TV3, and TV9 will cease transmission for an hour. Hot FM, One FM, and Fly FM will also shut down for an hour.

It's going to be really exciting!!!! We'll get to see how everyone is adjusting to living without lights and everything electric/electronic for an hour. So don't forget to visit my blog on the 29th of March to see my Vblog for the celebration.

Currently, Fly FM's Must Have Music (10am -4pm) is only playing acoustic songs. It is a symbolic gesture to spread the Green message as going unplugged saves energy; hence saves the world *minus saving the cheerleader*.

You should definately check it out throughout this week because the acoustic versions are always different than the original like Lady Gaga's Poker Face sounds like a jazz/blues song and i swear Katy Perry sounds so Rock and Roll.

Hunny Madu Doing her thing on air.
Photos from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

Photo Courtesy of Hunnymadu.blogspot.com

I was talking to Hunny Madu earlier before her show and asked what does she to help save the environment. She uses Compact Fluorescent Light all over her apartment. Although they cost slightly more than a normal light bulb, they last longer and really makes an impact on your electric bill. Something for all of us to consider.
Jules "I use cup instead of Styrofoam".
Photos from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

I also asked Jules from the Rush Hour how does she fight global warming. It was quite cute(since she got that sweet raspy just-out-of-bed voice of hers) how she answered. She basically told me that she doesn't use the air-conditioning at her place and would only do so when there are guests. That and she would always bring her own shopping bag when she does her shopping, as to decrease the use of plastic bags.

I guess we are all in some ways doing our part and together this 28th March we all can make a big difference. Don't forget to register and be counted at earthhour.org/malaysia

Jennifer and John broke up because of Twitter?

It's all because of this little birdie?! Photo courtesy of Twitter

Photo Courtesy of stupidcelebrities.net

When i first heard it i was as awestruck as you are, i was like what?! No way would they break up over something so small. As a news guy on a radio station reporting on the latest gossips, i shouldn't have been surprised cause relationships or even marriages in Hollywood are as permanant as whiteboard markers.

So the story goes that John Mayer would not return any of Jennifer's phone calls, messages, e-mails, text. But he can update his Twitter account every single minute of every single hour of every single day of every... you get the picture. So obviously Aniston had enough.

Mayer was so hooked to the point that when they broke up, thus he Twitted "This heart didn't come with instructions."
So i guessed girls break up with their boyfriends over football, Nintendo Wii, Victoria Secret angels, your-collegue-that-you-never-have-a-crush-on-but-just-because-she-wears-skirt-to- work, and porn...
The next non-sexual reason for break ups? Twitter.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Movie poster courtesy of Movie Poster Addict.

My voice over for the Inkheart radio ad.

Breaking NEWS: The NERD situation

Photo Courtesy of Desedo Films

NERD at Sunburst 2009. Photo Courtesy of Sutheshnathan on Flickr

Here is the latest news in the entertainment industry. According to Juice Online, NERD had cancelled their Jakarta gig because they got pissed off after they were detained by Malaysian Authorites.

What happened? Apparently the licenses to have NERD perform in Malaysia had been denied twice due to inappropriate dressing and during Sunburst they performed without a license. SO the Malaysian authorites detained the band and held their passports. Pineapple had negotiated with authorities and took responsibility to let NERD go.

By this time NERD had been pissed and cancelled their Jakarata gig. Seriously shame on Pineapple and how internationally embarassing it is for Malaysia.

On Behalf of all Malaysians to Jakarta and NERD we are so sorry.

The Rules for calling Shotgun.

I don't mean this kind of Shotgun. Photo Courtesy of Google.

Everybody wants to ride shotgun but there never seems to be any official rule... or is there?

After some random internet surfing (i was surfing for some car jokes to crack) i came across something so interesting that i had to put up a post about this topic. It reminds me of all those years growing up with my younger brother, Naim.

Now for those of you who do not know what 'Calling for Shotgun' means, let's have a peek at the Moe-tionary, shall we?:

1. A gun that consists of two barrels.
2. The process in which a passenger has claimed the right to sit in front with the driver like two bullets in the barrel of a shotgun. Dave, Terry and Moe walk towards Moe's car and suddenly Dave yells "Shotgun"

The Rules are way to extensive to put up on this post, so for those interested in the wonderful world of Calling for Shotgun just click here.

Copywriter Anonymous...

One of the examples used to express good idea behind good copywriting. Note: the campaign used a fake beer to show how effective newspapers can be for the beer industry. Photo Courtesy of Google.

Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Camera Phone.

That's right they have copywriting workshop for troubled copywriters. Here is an interesting fact--in Malaysia, finding a good copywriter is like trying to find a perfect soulmate. Well maybe not as hard and extreme, but good copywriters are a rare breed.

Since Alisha and I do write the scripts for various weekly promos and Public Service Announcements (PSAs....well mostly Alisha), we were sent by Fly FM along with all the copywriters for Hot Fm, FLy FM and One FM to 'Sharpen the saw' and to 'teach young pups new tricks'. Pun intended. Haha

I have to say after attending the workshop at 95% i looked at copywriting in a completely different light. I found out that being a good writer or a novelist J.R.R Tolkein type of person doesn't make you a good copywriter but a very bad copywriter! That's because writers love to play around with the written text as opposed to good copywriters play around with the objective and idea behind the words.

In the words of Janet Lee the Trainer and Director " Words are the instruments to the idea"

A whole day well spent.

Sunburst KL 2009

Click on photo to enlarge
Photo courtesy of Satira Diana.
Hey guys,

So how was Sunburst KL? I had to give it a miss this year. In case you guys got confused since these photos evidently pointed to my presence at Sunburst KL, these were actually taken in late January during the launch of Sunburst KL-- Sunburst Silent Launch (hence the headphone). I must say it was quite a refreshing idea.

Feedbacks from my friends were collected on Facebook. Check out the comments on this year Sunburst KL by my friends Nadea Martin and Aini Said.

The thing that i don't believe that i missed is Jonathan Davis of Korn DJ-ing at Luna Bar, for the Sunburst KL 09 Opening Night!!! That's rare!

Photo courtesy of my friend Zain HD. He has a lot of awesome photos and videos of Sunburst KL 09. Swing by his facebook page.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Photo courtesy of Bolt the Movie.
Another VO favourite of mine...this radio ad was aired on Fly FM.

Follower of the Week

Hey guys,

I'm starting something new that i haven't seen others attempt at.

You know there is a blog widget called "followers"? This widget helps us to automatically 'tag' our favourite blogs in your website. For example, if you find a particular blog interesting and if you click the "follow" button, the blog automatically appears on your blog's reading list.

This officially save you the time to go into your html and add in the url yourselves. Seriously, it is such a great widget. There are so many blogs that i follow, but i just don't have the luxury of time to manually add it in my html code.

So as a thank you to my top visitors who register yourself as followers, I'll do a weekly write up on you. This is not an advertising, promotional gimmick i'm trying to pull, but a genuine thank you note, and to introduce you as my friend, my family, my co-worker, my follower to the people who comes into my blog.

Now who should i start first? I wanted my first 'Follower of the Week' to be one of my siblings but none of them is following me officially. *hint hint guys, and Umi*

I haven't decided on whom yet. Once it is decided, i need to take my time to write a proper write up *coz it is genuine remember?*

The Follower of the Week post will kick off this Wednesday, 25th of March, and subsequently every wednesday of the week.

Till my next post, Moe Nasrul is off hunting for the first follower :)

I'm (finally) on Twitter

Photo Courtesy of Twitter.
Hey guys,
Amrita (Pagi Show Producer) has been singing praises about Twitter...and get this...on her Facebook. Apparently many of us facebook users have made known our dissatisfaction with the new layout, and have migrated to twitter.
I'm still a Facebook addict. But if you guys want to follow me on Twitter, there is a "Follow Me on Twitter" widget on the right side of this webpage.

You Must Listen to Me Now

Fly FM Traffic & News Presenters (sans Alisha) eating cup cakes and sharing laughs.
Left to Right: Aush, Moe Nasrul.
Photo from Moe Nasrul's private collection.

If this is the latest post, I'm on air

This may sound narcissistic, but:

Update: I've just finished my set. What do you think?

To those who tune in to support, be it from the website or the radio, i thank thee very much and really appreciate the support that you have given me this far.

You know there is more to come from me, Moe Nasrul :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You Must!!!

Listen to my first ever Radio Announcer (DJ) spot tomorrow morning from 9am to 12 noon (Malaysian time, GMT +8)!!

If you are driving to work, going for breakfast, waking up at nine-- don't forget to give your support and tune into Fly FM. which is 95.8 FM in KL, 89.9 in Penang, 99.1 in Alor Star, 98.6 in Seremban, 94.0 in Melacca, 87.6 in Kuantan and 102.5 in Johor Baru. If your online you can listen to it on the Fly Fm website live!

I'm so anxious and psyched!! I'm currently prepping my show but i take it to the blog to tell you guys (YOU hear it FIRST) how elevated i feel at the moment. So many things goes into the production, it's not an easy feat. Boy do i have butterflies...

No wonder DJs get paid a lot. I'll blog more post-show.

1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009

Picture courtesy of My Balloon Fiesta.

Is where i will be tomorrow, right after my first on air as a Weekend DJ on Fly FM.
Two firsts in a day.
If you come by the event and see me, don't be shy...come and say Hi!
I promise i won't bite :)

Flicking the Switch...

Poster Courtesy of Fly FM.

To 'Off', that is.

Earth Hour does not need any introduction. At 8:30pm on March 28, 2009, cities across the world will turn off their lights for just one hour--Earth Hour--to show that it is possible to take action on global warming. Switching off is a simple action that can make a difference and it sends a powerful message that the people of the world care about the future of the planet.

Iconic Malaysian landmarks such as KLCC Twin Towers, Penang Bridge, and KL Tower have confirmed its participation by turning off their non-essential lights for one hour. As you may know, Fly FM is in support of Earth Hour and had even gone "green" during the previous Campur Chart Goes Live At Laundry.

Photo Courtesy of Fly Fm

Inaugural Earth Hour 2008. (From the top left) Sky Tower in Auckland, the Colosseum (from bottem left) Golden Gate Bridge and Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Some questions ran through my mind. Apart from "Will muggers come out to play for an hour?", How much awareness can be raised from such an energy efficiency campaign? Will we continue to pledge our support to fight global warming daily?

What are the small steps that you take to conserve energy? Feel free to drop me your comments.

All Media Prima Radio stations (Fly FM, Hot Fm, One Fm) will shut down for an hour at 8:30pm, March 28 pm. Be sure to check my Vblog on March 29 to see how it all come down right here at the Fly FM studio.

P/S: I'm doing the Earth Hour countdown on Fly FM. In a way, that is my contribution to this global campaign.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Air Asia X Radio Ad: Ben London

Photo courtesy of Air Asia.

I was going through my VO vault and i found my FIRST EVER Malay Radio Ad. This ad was played on Media Prima Malay radio station, Hot FM.

So what do you guys think?!!!!

Then of course, for my Hawaiian friends, Uplanders, and out-of-towners, you guys can listen to the English version of the radio ad and was aired on Fly FM, voiced by my fellow news and traffic presenter, Miss Alisha:

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Click to enlarge.
Movie poster courtesy of Cine Fanatico.

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share with you guys a clip of the voice over (VO) that i did in December 08. I know, i know it's a little out dated. But i'll try to upload my latest VO as soon as i can.

By the way, I record roughly around five VOs for Fly FM in a week, so what i'll try to do is i'll upload my best VO of the week on my blog for all of you to listen to, ok?

Cheers with no beers,
Moe Nasrul

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...

Click on photo to enlarge.
Photos courtesy of my Fly bethren, Mr. Aush Lycan.

Hey guys,

This is a backdated entry, but i had to wait for Aush to upload the photos to his Facebook. Thanks Aush!

M.A.C (the cosmetics, not Apple *lol*) approached me once again to be the emcee for their event. I emceed M.A.C FAFI launch in Mid Valley last year. I guessed they like me. That, or i'm charging too low. *Just kidding*

I can now look back at all these photos with good memories, but having to emcee the event for five days in a row, is agonizing. Don't get me wrong. I love what i do, but waking up at four a.m. to prep for my news and traffic report for the Pagi Show, doing air checks post-Pagi Show, meetings, and voice over recordings then rush off to emcee the event in Mid Valley for five days in a row can be tiring :).

Anyways, a little bit of info about the product and event. M.A.C relentlessly pursuit to combine their exciting new color with another popular icon. First, it was M.A.C and Barbie, then it was FAFI. Now, M.A.C cosmetics teamed up with Hello Kitty. The result? Hello Kitty Kouture. There's two range of MAC Hello Kitty products-- sweet and innocent Hello Kitty Mild and the out on the prowl Hello Kitty Wild.

Mild Kitty and Wild Kitty

Anyways, the launch (March 4th) was graced by local celebrities, designers, and VIPs. From March 5th to March 8th, complimentary make-up session were conducted by M.A.C make up artists, mini private function especially for Cleo and Cosmopolitan readers, appearances by the Mild and Wild Kitty, and M.A.C Hello Kitty balloons were given away to the public.

Can you imagine the power-that-be of Hello Kitty? Almost all of the Hello Kitty merchandise were sold out by the end of day two. Hundreds would queue up for the balloons. If they couldn't get a balloon today, they would come back and try their luck the next day. Children were getting squashed by inconsiderate adults *tsk tsk*. What's worst then adults squashing kids just to get a balloon, right? Smelling a lawsuit coming if the situation got uglier, velvet ropes were put up to indicate queuing area and balloon give-away session were scheduled.

If M.A.C is reading this entry, thanks for the opportunity...for two years in a row!

Monday, March 16, 2009

M.A.C Hello Kitty Official Launch

There was an event which i hosted two weeks ago.....
I'll post it up the soonest i can.
But here a sneak peak of what's coming up next on my blog :)

Shamrockin' Weekend @ Juru Autocity, Penang

Click on photo to enlarge

I've been looking forward to be merry and Irish. The Collin Farell in me been wanting to come out of the non-gay closet. So I head down to Penang for the much publicized, highly-anticipated event that was the first for Penangites.

I really had fun at the event. The carnival-like atmosphere certainly made the night more interesting. There were mechanical bulls, Guiness bars and food stalls. Although i was hoping that they would serve the famous bread and butter pudding or the blood pudding, that didn't make it to the buffett table for VIPs. The closest the food could get to being Irish was the mashed potatoes. But to be fair, there were Guiness-soaked skewed chicken (yes people....you can call it Satay) on sale to the public, but i was rather full from eating for free at the VIP area.

The event attracted a strong 5,000 revellers, despite the fact that there was a Liverpool-Man United football match. According to the PR exec from Grey, Penang crowd was more than the one in One Utama the night before.

This is Moe' O Nasrul....signing off :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flowering Frenzy in Penang

Click on photo to enlarge

My girlfriend Emily told me about how Penang feels like Japan this time of the year. It is not Sakura that is blossoming so abundantly in town. But from afar, the flowers do strike similar resemblance to the famed sakura (cherry blossom).

Like Sakura, these flowers bloom in mid-march. These flower bloom fast and wither just as fast. When it is in full bloom, you can hardly see the leaves. It's so beautiful i can't helped but to stop the car and started cam-whoring away.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why I Love St. Patrick's Day

Do you guys like the new look of my website? It is just to reflect one of my favourite holidays.

I remember when i was in the States, St. Patrick's Day were celebrated by both the Irish immigrants and the locals alike, all with the spirit of concerted celebration of hope for better luck and fortune. There are huge St. Patrick's Day parades in certain parts of the States and the Chicago River is dyed green each year to commemorate the day. Malaysia has slowly catches up on the celebration where everyone is looking forward to be merry.
I also had the memories of celebrating this holiday with my friends from Uplands International School, Penang.

We're all finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow now, aren't we?