Monday, March 30, 2009

Viral Fever...

viral fever is aweful... I was sick over the weekend and has yet to recover. Plus, I'm feeling heavily sedated from the cough medicine. I guessed my recovery rate is somewhat slow as i had to be in the freezing, sub-zero studio to be on air for my weekend shifts.

By the way, until further notice, i will be on air on saturday from 9am to 12 noon, and on sunday from 4pm to 7pm.

The doctor gave me a whole lot medications. I swear it's like the moment you walked in, they give you everything on their shelf and have you pay for it.

I literally walked out with a bag of medicines, I felt like a drug dealer or something *lol*

Even when i am sick, i still have tons to update. I'll update more photos and posts soon.

Coming up on this blog:

1. Moe Nasrul's Vblog: Doing my traffic in the dark for Earth Hour.

2. Fly FM's Pagi Show: Stephanie Chai and Lina Teoh in the studio as the Earth Hour Ambassadors.

3. David Archuleta's Malaysian Showcase and Malaysian Archangel.

4. 8TV's One In A Million (OIAM) Season 3.

5. Ben Ibrahim's Website Launch Party.

6. Faces Magazine 100th Issue Party.

7. Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelor.


Naim said...

If its viral.. your not gonna get over it anytime soon. Just thought you should know

Moe Nasrul said...

oh man... no wonder it's taking so long... usually how long does it take :(

Naim said...

probably about a month?

Moe Nasrul said...

awe man... but feeling slightly better now. i think my throat infection was the cause of it first...