Monday, March 23, 2009

Copywriter Anonymous...

One of the examples used to express good idea behind good copywriting. Note: the campaign used a fake beer to show how effective newspapers can be for the beer industry. Photo Courtesy of Google.

Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Camera Phone.

That's right they have copywriting workshop for troubled copywriters. Here is an interesting fact--in Malaysia, finding a good copywriter is like trying to find a perfect soulmate. Well maybe not as hard and extreme, but good copywriters are a rare breed.

Since Alisha and I do write the scripts for various weekly promos and Public Service Announcements (PSAs....well mostly Alisha), we were sent by Fly FM along with all the copywriters for Hot Fm, FLy FM and One FM to 'Sharpen the saw' and to 'teach young pups new tricks'. Pun intended. Haha

I have to say after attending the workshop at 95% i looked at copywriting in a completely different light. I found out that being a good writer or a novelist J.R.R Tolkein type of person doesn't make you a good copywriter but a very bad copywriter! That's because writers love to play around with the written text as opposed to good copywriters play around with the objective and idea behind the words.

In the words of Janet Lee the Trainer and Director " Words are the instruments to the idea"

A whole day well spent.

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