Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunburst KL 2009

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Photo courtesy of Satira Diana.
Hey guys,

So how was Sunburst KL? I had to give it a miss this year. In case you guys got confused since these photos evidently pointed to my presence at Sunburst KL, these were actually taken in late January during the launch of Sunburst KL-- Sunburst Silent Launch (hence the headphone). I must say it was quite a refreshing idea.

Feedbacks from my friends were collected on Facebook. Check out the comments on this year Sunburst KL by my friends Nadea Martin and Aini Said.

The thing that i don't believe that i missed is Jonathan Davis of Korn DJ-ing at Luna Bar, for the Sunburst KL 09 Opening Night!!! That's rare!

Photo courtesy of my friend Zain HD. He has a lot of awesome photos and videos of Sunburst KL 09. Swing by his facebook page.


Naim said...

what is starburst? Like a concert?

Moe Nasrul said...

actually it's Sunburst... it's like Malaysia's Woodstock. minus the hippies and LSD.