Sunday, March 22, 2009

Follower of the Week

Hey guys,

I'm starting something new that i haven't seen others attempt at.

You know there is a blog widget called "followers"? This widget helps us to automatically 'tag' our favourite blogs in your website. For example, if you find a particular blog interesting and if you click the "follow" button, the blog automatically appears on your blog's reading list.

This officially save you the time to go into your html and add in the url yourselves. Seriously, it is such a great widget. There are so many blogs that i follow, but i just don't have the luxury of time to manually add it in my html code.

So as a thank you to my top visitors who register yourself as followers, I'll do a weekly write up on you. This is not an advertising, promotional gimmick i'm trying to pull, but a genuine thank you note, and to introduce you as my friend, my family, my co-worker, my follower to the people who comes into my blog.

Now who should i start first? I wanted my first 'Follower of the Week' to be one of my siblings but none of them is following me officially. *hint hint guys, and Umi*

I haven't decided on whom yet. Once it is decided, i need to take my time to write a proper write up *coz it is genuine remember?*

The Follower of the Week post will kick off this Wednesday, 25th of March, and subsequently every wednesday of the week.

Till my next post, Moe Nasrul is off hunting for the first follower :)

1 comment:

Jan said...

Aha hak...sibuk ler. How to follow. But will try ....